Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 11th, 2020

Work-life balance
Work-life balance matters. Possibly even more so when working from home as the lines between work and home-life can start to blur together.

BurnoutIndex claims to be the first science-backed burnout risk test designed for tech workers. The test assesses your risk level then offers tips to cool down if you are deemed at risk of burning out.

In light of World Mental Health Day this past weekend, and with WFH here to stay for many, here are some tools that aim to support remote workers:

WFH Care Package is designed for remote workers to boost morale and alleviate stress.

GrowApp is a self-care assistant for life balance and personal growth.

SanerJobs curate jobs ranked by a work-life balance score.

Trill is an anonymous mental health support community.

Sleeply utilizes Prayana techniques and sleep sounds to help you fall asleep.

CalmJobs list jobs from companies that care about their employees.s.

Doropomo is an inverted Pomodoro focused on a true work-life balance.

Remote Health is global health insurance for remote teams and individuals.

Zenbox For Remote Teams is an anxiety-free shared inbox for multiple inboxes and channels.

Skyrocket Your Team is an epic online escape room for remote teams.
Take the burnout risk test
Draw on your videos to help get your point across asynchronously.

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