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October 7th, 2020

Festival from home
2020 has pressed the pause button on lots of plans, including live music events and festivals.

Oda brings live music performances to your home with wooded speakers and seasonal performances.

The shape of Oda may resemble a home speaker, but within its wooden panels lives a performance space without walls. These speakers are made of simple materials including wood, glass, cotton, and steel. Simply put: They're built like musical instruments.

Here’s what lead investor and early user, Alexis Ohanian, has to say “this is an experience you really need to FEEL (not just listen) to believe. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's transcendent. Listening to live performances feels as intimate as if the artist were there and even when you're using the speakers for Spotify, the sounds are goosebump-inducing... so good.”

When you can't attend Coachella, you can “Couchella” with Oda. See what we did there. 😜 You can expect performances from artists like Arca, Madlib, and Bradford Cox among many more.

With current restrictions on in-person activities and events, we’ve seen a rise in livestream home concerts, and Oda is taking it to the next level with dedicated hardware and exclusive performances.

Here are some other products bringing live music to your home: is like channel flipping for live concert videos.

Dope Livestreams curate, well, dope live music to stream.

Endlesss Studio is a live collaborative music studio and social network.

SYQEL turns your house party or casual hangout into a fully immersive experience.

CoronaLive curates high-quality live streams to enjoy during the lockdown.

For someone who misses the shivers of real performances, this might be the solution.
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