Remote Health

Global health insurance for remote teams and entrepreneurs

The first global health insurance built specifically for remote teams. Buy one plan for your company that works anywhere in the world and can cover both employees and contractors. As your company and team scales, the price goes down.
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Hey guys! I'm Sarah, the CTO and one of the founders of SafetyWing. We are incredibly excited to announce our second product, Remote Health. With this brand new and one of a kind health insurance, a business with employees or contractors all over the world, can insure the entire global team under ONE PLAN. This is way better and more fair than insuring people individually in their countries, because the bigger the group, the more the risk is spread, and the cheaper it gets for everyone involved. Global remote work is important, because equal opportunities across borders are important. This is an important next step on our mission to build a global social safety net. Our team has worked incredibly hard on this for a long time (remotely 😉), and we hope you'll give us any feedback you have on how we can improve!
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@sarahkindofcool, wow nice video! Gives a great overview of the product! 🎛 Control panel where remote companies can manager their team's insurance – feels very future 🔌 You can choose optional add-ons like dental or maternity 🌎 Great coverage in 175+ countries 💰 Price scales with your team size (pay less per member with bigger team) 💻 Employees onboard themselves 💬 24/7 dedicated account manager And all of this is (obviously) built by a fully distributed team!
@sarahkindofcool awesome stuff!! we're signing up for this...
Great overview @raunometsa, thank you!
That's fantastic news @jason_noronha1, thank you!
A much needed product and a huge win for the future of remote work. Honoured to be part of the SafetyWing team and so excited to see Remote Health live!
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Healthcare for all. We love Safetywing <3
@amin_fard We really appreciate the support, thank you!
I used SafetyWing for travel medical insurance on a recent 2 week trip abroad. Different product from Remote Health since it was for personal use, but the same company. It was a great experience and less than half the cost of traditional travel insurance quotes I got.
Thanks for sharing your experience with Nomad Insurance @josh_levitan3! We're happy you enjoyed the product :)
One of the last missing pieces to make remote work and remote teams as normal as we see regular companies that have offices is this. For years remote workers and nomads really only had travel insurance available which would just fly them back home whenever an emergency happened. Except for some expat healthcare which would restrict you to live in a single place, there literally wasn't anything available that gave true healthcare coverage while you could work from anywhere in the world.
You're completely right @levelsio, that's exactly why we created Remote Health. Equal opportunities and healthcare for all (as it should be!)