An anonymous mental health support community πŸ¦‹

Curated, moderated, and private, the Trill Project is an app that fosters high-quality communities built upon support rather than judgment. Our users are confident in their safety and benefit from hearing others from around the globe share and relate to their honest thoughts.

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Hi PH 😸, I'm Izzy 🀘. For the last 6 months, Ari, Lexi, Sara, Georgia, and I have been building Trill. Trill is an anonymous and secure social network that allows everyone to freely express their opinions. We started out by forming a team to participate the in the Technovation Challenge. Technovation is a worldwide competition that challenges high school girls to build apps tackling a problem in their communities. Disillusioned with our own sense of "privacy" in our own lives and on social media, and horrified by the stats on gen z mental health, we knew that we wanted to address those. To see if there would be interest, we started out by asking the question "What would you tell the world if no one knew you were telling it?" on Tumblr and Instagram. A bit clunky? Perhaps, but it got our message across, and we immediately received tons of submissions to a Google form. Solely through our own efforts of messaging accounts on Tumblr/IG, and those accounts in turn helping us spread the word, we reached 10,000+ email signups in around 3 weeks, and began our beta. For the last month, we have been adding more users to the beta, listening to feedback, and iterating the app. We may have built Trill, but our users are the driving force behind many feature requests, such as PMing and integrated emergency resources in the app. Feel free to ask any questions, either Ari or myself should hopefully be here throughout the day answering whatever you've got 😊.
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@izreiff Wonderful initiative, congrats on launching! I recently saw the CEO of mental health charity Mind state that only tiny a fraction of people who need professional help for dealing with mental health issues get it -- what kind of support do you plan to give in the longer term, particularly for the most vulnerable people in your community?
@abadesi Tysm! Right now we have an "Emergency" section built into the app, in partnership w/ Astra Labs, that offers immediate support through crisis hotlines for different topics, i.e. suicide prevention, domestic abuse, lgbtq+ support, etc. In the future we are thinking of ways to recognize "dangerous" posts, or patterns of posts in a user, and 1.) provide relevant support and education within the app, and 2.) recommend that they schedule an appointment with a professional, or suggest a crisis call, so they don't have to actively seek it out themselves, which not everyone is ready or willing to do. We're also super open to ideas, so if you're thinking of anything else my dms are open!
@izreiff I'd love to share this with the Leap community, are you members? Would be great to tag you so people can ask Q's etc.
Thanks so much for sharing Leap with us @abadesi. We are not members right now, but have applied to join.
@abadesi I'm on Leap @izzyreiff, that'd be great!
The world needs a place connect with others experiencing the same anxieties, frustrations, worries. As we shift from public to private social medias (finstagrams, private group chats, etc.), Trill fills the void to let real conversations blossom online. I'm so incredibly impressed by Izzy, Ari, and the rest of the team. Thousands of beta testers, a thriving community, a beautiful app, all built while graduating from high school. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@nickabouzeid you're the best 😎
@nickabouzeid What a beautiful project. Coexistence means sharing one's experiences and suffering. Feeling that we're not alone is always very helpful. thank you!
Wow. This platform is extremely essential for people everywhere. Thanks guys! YOU ARE OUR FUTURE
@lianaseidenfeld thanks so much for your kind words and supportπŸ’–.
Hi @lyomdhur. Sure and thanks! So we have created Machine Learning Models, trained from posts on Trill, that our moderators use to keep Trill safe. These models determine if a post suggests that a user wants to harm themself, someone is harming a user, or a user plans to harm others. We plan to create an API and/or license these models for developers and tech companies to use, which will allow Trill to sustain itself.
@arisokolov that's a really sharp biz model - may I ask what tool you are using for machine learning - Tensorflow perhaps?
Could you elaborate about the business side of the project? How does it plan on monetising, what kind of information is collected/moved and how does the app intend on surviving? Congratulations on the great launch.