Skyrocket Your Team

An epic online escape room for remote teams.

Skyrocket Your Team offers a unique team building experience for remote teams through epic online escape rooms. These are designed to boost team spirit and improve online communication skills through collaborative challenges and a debriefing.
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🤩 We are looking forward to your feedback and we're happy to give Hunters and Makers a special 20% DISCOUNT if you confirm your dates in July 🙌 Just use the code PRODUCTHUNT. ____________________________________________ Hi Product Hunt! I'm Jorge, co-founder of Skyrocket Your Team. I'm super excited that we're launching on PH! This is our first time ever 🤩 Thanks @picsoung for the hunt! 👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 The team has been working incredibly hard to launch this online escape room for remote teams. If you're working remotely, Skyrocket Your Team will help your team feel closer together and improve your internal communication. 🤜🤛 We are a group of friends that met 7 years ago who have always lived in different places, and we got reunited again during the COVID outbreak - of course online. We spontaneously signed up to the biggest hackathon in the world (EUvsVirus, with 22k participants) and ended up winning the Efficient Team Work challenge with our B2B solution. That was 3 months ago! That's when we started our journey to change how online team building is done. Our experience is unique in 2 ways: 🌟 Escape room design - Our puzzles are designed for teams by adult educators to trigger a set of emotions, feelings and situations. Everyone sees a different screen and you need to communicate in order to get through the challenges. There is no way to continue without team work! Forget about the loud person in the room taking all the space. Here everyone gets heard and has time to shine as part of the team. 💬 Reflect with your team mates - After the escape room you go through a debriefing (facilitated by our certified trainers or self-facilitated with our instructions) in which everyone gets to share their feelings about the experience. How did it go? What did you learn about yourself and your team? What would you do differently? What are the team learnings we can get out of this for our everyday work? 👍 We have gotten so far very good feedback from both junior and senior management. The experience helps to trigger conversations that normally don't happen at the workplace, and are very useful to understand your team dynamics, leadership styles and bring up discussions that didn't happen even if you were working together for years. 👉 We are planning to release a new escape room every quarter, with different themes and focus on skills. Are you ready to take your team to new heights? Then buckle up, and team build with us 🚀
It has not been easy to keep teams together during those pandemic times. Skyrocket is the perfect experience to bring together remotely in the spirit of an escape room!
Awesome idea, looks super engaging & exciting 🙌
@olha_denesiuk Thanks Olha, glad that you like it! We'd love to see you aboard our spaceship with your team 🚀
Tried the project during Alpha stage and it was already very fast development. Great team!
@oleksandr_komarevych it was great to have you, Oleg! Glad to see you're following the development ☺️✌️ it has improved so much after trying it with 100s of people 👀
Such a nice experience. This game is very fun and at the same time it help to solve the problem of understanding within team. Such a great experience!!))
@kubat_malabai We're so glad that you and your team enjoyed it, Kubat. We hope to see you soon in our next escape room!