Product Hunt Weekly Digest
February 7th, 2021

OnlyFans for X
Side project inspiration
OnlyFans for X is the new Uber for X. Whether you're into building bespoke spreadsheets, tweets, niche communities, or investing, there's an OnlyFans model for you.

Monetizing side projects and passion plays, has been amplified by our largely socially distant new world, prompting people to explore alternative ways to safely make a living from home.

The rise of paid newsletters through products like Substack and Ghost, and more recently with Twitter's acquisition of Revue, are other examples of how content creators can monetise their audience.

Of course there are many more tools to help creators monetize their passion. Check these out:

Current pays you to stream your favorite content.

Buy Me A Coffee gives your audience a way to thank you for creating content.

Cent is a network for Universal Creative Income featuring lots of amazing artists to support.

LiveKlass is an on-demand virtual classroom platform.

Glow offers a no-code way for indie podcasts to make $ through memberships.

Drip is a Patreon competitor by Kickstarter built to back creators.

Curious Fictions is a Patreon for professional authors and writers.

Flattr is an automatic way for creators to make money from their online content.

Supercast makes podcast monetization simple by adding a paid membership to your podcast.
Check-in on your team with this new tool for remote managers.

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