A network for Universal Creative Income.

Cent is where Creators + fans earn income together. There are 2 'mechanisms':
1) 'Seed a Creator' and get rewarded.
2) 'Spot' a post, and show you like it.
Both put your money where your mouth is.
Try it out. There are a lot of amazing artists to support.
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This week, we launch the next era of Cent. We've learned a lot over the past year and are super excited to finally get this out into the world. A brief intro to how it works: - Fans can "Seed" creators who they think will create more value in the future. Seeding is giving a set amount of money to a creator each month, and receiving a portion of all Seeds given after you. This gives the creator a monthly income and incentivizes early fans to share the creator's work. - You can "Spot" any post on the network. This is simply a fun way to give 1 cent to the creator of a post to show you appreciate their work, and you can hit the Spot button as many times as you want. 1,000 Likes is 1,000 Likes. 1,000 Spots is $10. Check out the site and please ask us any questions or leave any feedback here! We're currently working on adding some explanation videos to the site and they should be up shortly. - Pavan, ¢
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This is the most interesting thing on Product Hunt today, imo. By backing a creator early on, fans can also "earn" in the upside. That also incentivizes fans to become evangelists. I'm curious what types of creators you're seeing on the platform, @pav_sethi. Any examples to share?
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@rrhoover Great question. We are currently on the cusp of a major shift. We started off with a mainly crypto-focused audience because of the nature of the payments and incentives on the network. As we iterated on the mechanisms, we started to see a shift towards more crypto art and digital art. And in the past few months, we're seeing more mainstream subcommunities begin to flourish - things like photography, poetry, comedy, even gaming and vlogs. With this release, one of the major things we worked on is making the product as easy to use as possible (i.e. so easy your grandma could use it). We think this will be the key to onboarding creators of all types, so they don't have to focus on understanding a new platform and the technology behind it. So they can focus on what they love doing - creating.
@rrhoover Here are some of my favorite artists right now: https://beta.cent.co/missalsimpson , https://beta.cent.co/brinkman (does animations for late night TV like SNL, Jimmy Fallon, etc.) , https://beta.cent.co/sphericalart
@rrhoover One theme of content types has been documenting "the process". Many creators not only share their final work, but document the steps that went into creating. Fans seem to really connect with creators more as they learn more about their process, and it's also the perfect way for aspiring creators to learn. I think this is missing on other platforms. It really gives you a "behind the scenes" feel and gets away from the Instagram-like idea that every thing you post has to be absolutely perfect and in its final form.
@rrhoover I have a few more if you're interested.
Honored to be on this journey with you guys. Cent is a very inspired use case of blockchain, and has never ceased to innovate. Really loving the refined focus and new design, making unique properties of the blockchain accessible to creators and fans globally - very excited for what's next! 🔥Congrats everyone!
Cent has one of the coolest concepts I've come across recently. It's like Patreon on-the-go where you can support your favorite creators. However, it takes it even a step further by allowing fans to share in the success of the creators' work, incentivizing them to help the creators in spreading their work. Congrats to @pav_sethi and the team!
I've been following Cent since early last year and it's incredible to see how big the community has become. I'm interested to see how people react to the new approach you took with seeding. The new site and wallet integration looks slick, good luck guys.
@ryanheybourn it's a big experiment for sure, but one that was deeply influenced and designed based on how folks were using seeding v1. So far this iteration and the continued abstraction of web3 elements seems to be working as planned. Still a lot for to improve, refine and add though. So let us know if there is anything you'd like to see updated or added!