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#1 Product of the WeekFebruary 12, 2015
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Matt Pliszka
savvy navvy
  • Matt Pliszka
    Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

    Simple, personal, cheap, easy email building/design


    You will not find advanced functions like automation, available in more complex tools (like MailChimp)

    Revue focuses on delivering a simple mailing/newslettering software and does it really well, really like the way the app lets you give a personal touch to your emails and set up a direct contact with an audience. And the value-for-money is totally fine 👍

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Martijn de Kuijper
Martijn de KuijperMaker@mdekuijper · Founder at Revue
Thanks for the hunt Bram! I'd love to get some feedback, I'm here to answer questions. BTW don't forget to check out the Producthunt integration of course! :)
Thomas K. Running
Thomas K. Running@tkrunning · Nomad Gate, ex-Teleport
@mdekuijper This reminds me of ♥️ which is what I currently use for Startup Letters. This seems more geared towards individuals though? Any plans for integrating with Mailchimp in a similar way to Goodbits? EDIT: I cannot seem to find any way to import a current list? Is CSV import or similar on the roadmap? :)
Martijn de Kuijper
Martijn de KuijperMaker@mdekuijper · Founder at Revue
@kjemperud Hey Thomas, thanks for your feedback. Right now, there's no import yet but I already got a lot of people asking for the same thing, so we'll make sure to add it asap. Of course integration with Mailchimp is something that is on the roadmap as well.
Kalvir Sandhu
Kalvir Sandhu@kalv · Founder,
Thanks for the mention @kjemperud, we all at Goodbits love you too! @mdekuijper - great product, love the design. I would love to know where your project is going and see if you'd like to work together? I'm also happy to tell you what's going on at Goodbits.
Martijn de Kuijper
Martijn de KuijperMaker@mdekuijper · Founder at Revue
@kalv Hey Kalvir, thanks man. Sure, I'd love to talk.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
This is an awesome lightweight tool if you're curating a weekly digest. Grab content from Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Google Chrome & Product Hunt and add it to your newsletter in a whip! Nice side-project from @mdekuijper!
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
@mdekuijper @bramk seriously great!
Ross Simmonds
Ross Simmonds@thecoolestcool · Entrepreneur | Giving 💯
Love this. Looking forward to using this. I was originally going to sign up with but this seems like a better fit for my budget.
Nick Frost
Nick Frost@thinker · Growth Manager at
@thecoolestcool exactly my thought, too.
Brandon Marker
Brandon Marker@texasmarker · Analyst
Love the lightweight UX of this!
Eric Willis
Eric Willis@erictwillis · Working on something new
Custom domains coming soon?
Martijn de Kuijper
Martijn de KuijperMaker@mdekuijper · Founder at Revue
@erictwillis That's a great idea, didn't think of that yet. Will put it on our list.
Jose Casanova
Jose Casanova@jcsnv · <3 APIs and IPAs
@erictwillis Great idea, a quick work around this can be to forward your domain while masking the new URL.