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They really should have named it something different. A lot of the internet associate 'Drip' with the awesome email marketing tool acquired & ran by Leadpages. It does make sense though. Kickstarter is a platform for creators, so is Patreon, in another format.
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@gregjwww fwiw the majority of people who would use this probably have no idea about drip the email tool
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham You mean the content creators who try to nurture their audiences? You don't think any of them would have used a marketing tool?
@gregjwww good point. I was thinking more of the masses who would be backers/patrons
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham @gregjwww Yep he is right. People would obviously know about Drip Email.
Thanks @gregjwww! In 2012, Drip launched as a way for people to support musicians through subscriptions, and two years ago Drip became a part of Kickstarter. This is our re-launch of Drip for artists and creators across the full spectrum of disciplines we support on Kickstarter. You can read more here:
Kickstarter going directly after Patreon. cc @jackconte This seems like an obvious extension for the crowdfunding platform. Why now?
@rrhoover with the heavy hitting questions - keepin ’em honest!
Great question. We have a huge amount of respect for @jackconte and what Patreon has done at validating this model. This is still an emerging space and there is a lot of opportunity to expand the type of creators that are using subscriptions to fund their creative work, especially in cultural categories that so far haven't taken to this model. More info in the blog post by Perry:
@jackconte @nickste @rrhoover early time in the space with a direct to fan approach. Not surprised to see kickstarter moving in that space to boost their main product line where they face competition. Drip prior to acquisition and then Tradiio were two products targeting the music niche and validating the need for musician. Congrats for the relaunch.
I love the Website Domain. D.RIP (read as D REST IN PEACE)
@deadcoder0904 TIL RIP is a TLD
I knew the second a seen the name what this was. Question is will Kickstarter allow the same breadth of content on their platform. You all know what I'm referring to.
Interesting take on the "founding member" concept that is closely associated with services like Kickstarter & IndieGoGo. What is the value add for something like this past what Patreon already currently offers?
@varun_bindiganavile We love the urgency of Kickstarter's all or nothing mechanism and were looking for a way to create that feeling when you start a Drip. The Founding member period gives each new Drip an exciting launch moment that creators and their community can rally around, and early subscribers can get early benefits. We're really excited to see the different ways creators use the mechanism!
@jwomers see it’s invite only... any way to know how to snag an invite?
@josh_robbins send me a mail at justin [AT] :)