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Hello everyone! I made Curious Fictions. I'm an engineer and designer, and I also write short stories. That gave me the idea to make short fiction more accessible on mobile, and help authors get paid for their work. So far there are over 200 published authors on the site, with featured stories every week. Novelists can also sign up to send out updates to paid subscribers. @barnabybones: Thanks Jeremy! :) That's right -- sorry, the wording is a bit awkward, but I was clarifying the difference from Patreon, who separates out their fee from credit card fees. @amrith: For authors on the platform, it started with authors I knew from critique groups and online forums, then people they invited, and I also have an invitation request form on the site/twitter page. I pick featured stories from the existing stories on the site.
Any intention to allow poets to feature exclusive work on the platform? I think something like this would work very well for people to follow their favorite poet and also support them as a patron.
This is an interesting idea! I’m a little confused about the cost part, though: “How much does it cost? Authors are never charged. Curious Fictions keeps 25% of reader payments, which includes all credit card processing and hosting fees.” I’m guessing this just means that Curious Fictions keeps 25% of all payments, and with that CF pays the hosting and processing fees?
How do you find and feature writers @maybefriday?
Working on a novel so something like this is welcome :)