How many products discovered on PH this year are in your daily stack?

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... and what are they? I was looking at my stack couple of days ago and I have 5+ tools I use on a daily basis, all discovered through PH. I was curious, are others the same and how much does PH contribute to their tool discovery and adoption? Got me thinking on how much I'm grateful for communities like PH! For me tools like: Welder Synthesia Descript Toucan BombBomb eqMac2


Jessica Mansourati
Amble app - Not really the best or most advanced pedometer but for some reason it gets my ass out for a walk!
@stockholm Sounds great will check it out - anything that gets you moving. 🚶‍♂️ Has there been anything you have added to your professional stack from PH?
@aguilaair_tech Thanks for your list - great to see that you've found all those apps on PH! Pitch and Tandem are tools i've used and are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Vikram Sahu ꩜
I discovered some small yet useful products for my development needs Sheety Mailman AeroLeads - Email Finder Email Love because I was working on my product which was related to emails (launched today), so you will find 3 emails product and 1 which have reduced almost my 40% efforts with google sheet (programmatically).
@snipperbytes Great! 40% saving in anything is fantastic, Interesting. I am going to be creating an email specific collection later this week, so I will report back. Just upvoted Grade My Email - look forward to following your journey. 💌
Dibya Sahoo
Thank you @bentheredonethat for showing your love for Grade My Email. One tool which we both have in common - Welder.
@bentheredonethat @geniusdibya Such a cool tool and great team behind it too! @johan_cutych
Johan Cutych
@bentheredonethat @geniusdibya so happy to hear this guys! Glad you like Welder! How do you leverage it actually? Feel free to send me the content produced with it to it will give new energy to our team!
@temaprint A few of these have cropped up already, so great to see certain tools becoming a mainstay in peoples stacks, all from PH. Thanks for sharing⭐️
Aleks Miric
Thank you for the love!
Viswanath Vtz
Heyform HeyTerm AdobeXD Adobe Pixlr New Office Suite Lark Suite
@viswanath_vtz Hi! Thanks for your list, great to see 6+ in your stack. Never heard of Lark Suite, but looks like a cool tool! Thanks for sharing.
Viswanath Vtz
@viswanath_vtz @bentheredonethat Lark is the next-gen workspace; Lark Suite is an enterprise collaboration and communication platform developed by TikTok parent company ByteDance and first released to the public in 2019. Got chance to check with Heyform? I think you will love it.