Can anybody suggest a good course or reading material that made you a better leader?

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I'm looking for leadership mentoring, but alongside this, I want to do a course and some reading to develop my leadership skills. - Management - Strategic thinking - General leadership Any good books you've read or courses attended?


David Silva Cordeiro
A very short list which I consider a really good start: Drive Radical Candor Turn the ship around Leaders eat last Creativity Inc. How to win friends and influence people
@pragmaticsenses Thanks David. Will check these out. I actually have "How to win friends and influence people" sat on my shelf!
Petar Todorovski
Tribes by Seth Godin is the best book I've read on the subject. A very short, a but perspective-changing read.
Kevin Onarecker
Ben, I work in this field and would be happy to help you with some resources. David has some good suggestions below - I also recommend Brian Tracy as an author.
Cathrin Schneider
I can highly recommend this course from Harvard Business Manager: it is honestly not cheap, but it's super hands on while it goes very in depths. very good material to read. Great for new managers or a refresher on best practices. I can also recommend just to read the Harvard Business Review: - lots of free great articles.