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#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 04, 2019
Email Love is a new online resource curating the best email designs for inspiration while also curating quality newsletters for discovery. Email Love is the sister-site to One Page Love.
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Hey PH! The day is finally here, Email Love has officially launched! (Read the official launch blog post with detailed breakdown) It has been quite a ride since acquiring the domain back in Oct 2018. There are over 100 emails I've handpicked for inspiration so far but it's still early days. Let's take a look at what Email Love has cooking right now... 💌01. Email Inspiration The core of Email Love is getting inspiration and references to create your own beautiful emails. 🔬02. Email-related Design References Still a young section but the goal is to list particular design elements related to email. The first sub-category is Newsletter Sign Up Box design references to spark ideas to create your own. 🔎03. Email Newsletter Discovery With the overwhelming abundance of newsletters, I want to try tackle discovering great ones while spotlighting their hardworking authors. 🛠04. Free Email HTML Templates Only a handful of templates for now, but they 100% attribution free and yup, they work in Mailchimp;) 🙍‍♂️05. Email Author Profiles (example) Each email featured has an author credit linking to their profile on Email Love. This is great if you like a particular author style and want more great references. Each author profile also links to their Twitter and website. 📊06. Email Love Transparency … last but not least I’m documenting the journey building Email Love while sharing behind-the-scenes breakthroughs, running costs, stats, milestones and more. Let me know what else you want to know:)
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@robhope Awesome sauce! 💯
This is great! Now I don't have to subscribe to a bunch of newsletters when I'm looking for inspiration 😀 I'm curious how you got the emails to display so nicely in the website, any particular tech you used to do that?
@mubashariqbal oh Mubs - so glad you asked 🤓 It also started in the Alpha when I realized static JPG screenshots can't showcase animated GIFs in emails (I'm a huge fan of minimal product emails with 1 feature announcement GIF with a simple paragraph + CTA button). EML was not showcasing this inspiration well. I had to start again. The answer was showcasing the actual coded email but it came bundled with a ton of issues. MONTHS of brainstorming later we built a WordPress plugin to tackle most of it. Here is the automation process when adding an email on Email Love: 1. Dump email source code in WP custom field, hit Publish 2. Links are replaced with # 3. target="_blank" stripped 4. All 1px images (tracking) stripped 5. All dead images stripped 6. All remaining images scraped, sent to TinyPNG 7. If image over 1600px wide, resize to 1600px 8. Compress images to 80% quality (often 50% file size saving) 9. Send images to Amazon S3 bucket 10. Copy new Amazon image URLs, replace old image URLs 11. Paste new email source code to new custom field (so source email code preserved) So all emails on Email Love can now showcase animated GIFs perfectly while loading the email/inspiration/reference faster than 1-2MB Retina Screenshots (like One Page Love currently does). And course this now allows for the email source code view and email mobile view switcher/toggle. Nom nom.
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@robhope 💪 Looks like a lot of work, but worth it, the static images wouldn't do the emails justice.
@mubashariqbal I did consider GIF images too in the archive/search results, but the load on them (well file size) is too much and affects the browsing/sifting experience so I do have static images also for emails. This of course helps those social share images and Pinterest too! A lot more behind the scenes than people know hey Mubs ;)
@mubashariqbal @robhope definitely a lot of works, thanks for sharing how you managed to automate the process.
@mubashariqbal @swsalim No problem! As a matter of interest - would you prefer a video of me explaining this all, or a detailed article with screenshots and links?
@robhope Rob, congrats on the launch. It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of your work and have been following the development of this for some time now. There are some parts of the site which are really outstanding tech-wise, I appreciate how you take care of the email authors as well as your users! Lastly, I've already used the refs section to gather inspiration especially for the signup box on my own site. I'm excited for that section to grow. Keep it up and good luck with the Hunt!
@marcperel Cheers Marc - yeah I'm itching to share the tech behind the email scraping plugin for WordPress but needed to put all hours into the official launch:) Thanks for the encouragement!
@robhope I'm a big fan of Email Love. Really great for inspiration for people who are building email newsletters and products. The reviews are so well thought out and I'm a huge fan of the free templates. Can't wait to see more of this! Keep up the great work 😸
@kymellis Thanks Kym! Yeah, I'm (secretly) working on an email builder, which will really help fill up the template archives with more goodies quicker. Lots to do! :)
Rob has managed to create glorious content once again. However, this product also has some serious tech cooking under the hood. It takes an incredible amount of talent to blend a products design with what's underneath whilst keeping the UX clean, and Email Love has hit the mark. 🤘 Which all in all, makes it a breeze to use and focuses everything on the hand picked content. 🙏
@mattjhoughton Stoked you pointed out the tech Matt, can't wait to share it all:) Thanks so much for the kind words and upvote - very proud how it all came out!