The open-source macOS audio optimizer 🎛️

A free & open source system-wide audio equalizer for the Mac.

Improves your audio listening on macOS.

Experience music on your Mac, how it is meant to be.

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5 Reviews4.0/5
Great feature that Mac really needs. Also it would be great to have a few presets like "more bass", "rock", "singing" etc. :)
@johan_cutych You'll need to choose the "Show default presets" to view those presets. Really great app and sound so far.

Already using this app for like 5+ months, super handy, turned my bassless headphones into pretty damn good ones!

Definitely must-have app!


save presets, precise setup, easy to use, will help you to achieve your personal comfort sound


Sometimes app is crashing when new audio device was removed / after sleep wakeup. Switching to newly connected device can be painful

Installed and am using it now. AMAZING!
Quite impressive!
Just installed. Love the functionality, I hope the UI gets an upgrade soon with more bands.