Cohere is the best way to onboard and support users. You can see what users are doing on your product in real time, and guide them with shared cursors, scrolling, and typing – by adding just 2 lines of code to your web app.
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🥦 Hello Product Hunt! 🥦 We’re super excited to share Cohere with you! It’s the easiest way to onboard and support users, allowing you to see what they’re doing in real-time, and guide them via Figma-like cursors, typing, and scrolling. We’ve seen the power of high-touch onboarding and support firsthand. During my time at Superhuman, I saw both evangelists and power users emerge from this process. With Cohere, you can guide users through your application — and when they’re not sure what to do, jump in and help them out. Since there is no setup involved, Cohere makes this process a breeze — you no longer have to ask your user to grant screenshare permissions, make them a meeting host or share embarrassing content from their desktop. You can see their screen with just a click on Cohere. 🐦 With bird’s eye view, you can see a live grid of active users on your site. This allows you to preemptively spot issues and correct them. Cohere is also easy to integrate — it takes 2 lines of code, and requires zero setup on the user’s end. Additionally, Cohere is: • Instantly responsive and pixel-perfect — by streaming the contents of the webpage instead of pixels on the screen, Cohere is fast and 10x more efficient. • Built with privacy in mind — since Cohere has a semantic understanding of your app, developers can block certain elements or menus on the page from showing up on Cohere. This prevents sensitive info from being shared, which isn’t possible with regular screenshare. We’re super excited to launch to the PH community, and we’d love to hear any feedback or answer any questions you might have. Would love to hear from you at, and try us out at!
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I know that today is Cohere's public launch day... but I can't help but rave that the team's rate of shipping product, and improving the experience has been utterly shocking (and as a fellow productmaker/hunter... inspiring). The product is a joy to experience, and it's been fantastic for the team at Ramp. Highly recommend, and could not be more excited for what's ahead for this team!
@eglyman I agree. This caliber of this team makes me biased towards anything they develop.
@eglyman We learned a lot about iteration speed from Ramp – thanks for the support, Eric!
Woah Cohere has really evolved - Incredible progress team. Exactly what I've been looking for to improve the onboarding experience and fix that leaky bucket as I grow!
@uzoayo thanks Uzo! Excited to have you onboard!
This is super cool, excited to see where it goes!!
Really enjoying the product so far, it helps us onboarding users on our platform in very smooth way. Works like a charm so far, congrats on the launch :)
@arthur_bonnecarrere1 Appreciate the feedback! Very impressed by what you guys are doing at Once