Text-based audio editor and automated transcription

Descript is the world’s first audio word processor. Get fast, accurate transcriptions - and then edit audio by editing text. Descript is a toolkit of superpowers for people that work with voice audio.

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Hello! Andrew (CEO) here. After almost three years in the making, it's a real thrill to launch Descript. If you work with voice audio in any form, Descript is probably what you've been dreaming of. Yes, we do transcription (both automatic and human-powered), but that's just the starting point - Descript's superpower is what happens after the transcript - you can edit audio by editing text. You can download Descript for free - sign up with this link and you'll get 100 free minutes of transcription: More on Descript's backstory: And a post about automatic transcription accuracy: Thanks, happy as always to answer questions.
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@andrewmason can you elaborate a little bit on what you mean by editing audio when editing text? Can I edit out certain parts of a podcast if I delete a few sentences?
@andrewmason @lamaalrajih And can you *add* some more text?!
@lamaalrajih yeah, check this out:
@lamaalrajih @paulodef yeah, kinda - you can type words and it'll generate synthesized speech. Nice if you're making edits and then you can drop recorded audio of the pickups to replace the scratch audio later:
@andrewmason Do you have APIs in plan so that I can include it within our App?
I've been interested in podcasts as a consumer for years, waiting for the more of radio's "share of ear" (is that a term?) to be replaced by podcasts. We're starting to see that happen as the industry is expected to double this year and the adoption of voice-based hardware such as Echo's and Google Home will accelerate this in addition to open new opportunities for makers to create audio-based experiences. But today the tools are super rudimentary, creating an opportunity to create the pick axes for our future in voice and audio technology. /end rant Descript looks super useful, a tool that was incubated inside of Andrew and team's location-aware audio platform, Detour.
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I am producing a podcast for Slate on a small budget, with a 2 person team. I would not have taken this on without access to Descript. It has made a stressful chore, an enjoyable endeavour - it frees your inner artist by removing monotony.


Truly a bicycle for the mind. Let's one person do what required a team to do before.


Can't think of any

@andrewmason unrelated from the product itself: you had an amazing approach to progressive equity for your last projects. did you do the same approach for descript? and what was your experience with it?
I'd love to see this work great, but there have been so many teams trying to solve this, and no one is there yet. (I just did a round of transcription with Trint and had to do a ton of cleanup after). I'll wait on early reviews before I check it out.
@afhill Hey Andrea! Here's 100 free minutes so you can play around with it: Also we compared Descript to other automatic transcription services and found that Descript makes about half as many errors:
@andrewmason, it's a great way of using the 'trial period' to play with Descript, I definitely want to try it out