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February 6th, 2019

Marie Kondo for X

Marie Kondo is in right now. The Japanese celebrity tidying consultant, author and eponymous star of Netflix's Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is making us all want to purge our homes of stuff we don't need.

But what if we need a digital purge? It's more than likely you're digital clutter has overflowed into:

a) 500 emails in your inbox 💌
b) 1,000 photos on your iPhone 📱
c) 5,000 files in your Dropbox 📦
d) 10,000 old tweets from your Twitter account 🐦

Luckily, a new tool called TokiMeki Unfollow launched this week to KonMari your Twitter feed. How it works: The app lets you go through all the people you follow from your account — one by one — displaying their most recent tweets. If the account sparks joy, keep following them. If it doesn't, thank them for the tweets and hit that unfollow button. ✌️

TokiMeki Unfollow — or Marie Kondo for Twitter — is part of the “Marie Kondo for X” effect we've seen growing across the webs. If the KonMari method for tidying your bedroom can can change your life, how can we organize, discard and spark joy across our digital footprint? Especially when the internet isn't always the most joyful place.

Here are a few suggestions — and don't forget to thank your discarded browser tabs along the way.

Marie Kondo for articles on the internet: Clear This Page lets you bypass ads, popups and other clutter on news sites.

Marie Kondo for your desktop: Clean automatically cleans your desktop every day.

Marie Kondo for your Mac: CleanMyMac X does all the essential cleaning on a Mac (and 5 million people already use it).

Marie Kondo for your Camera Roll: Gemini Photos uses machine learning to reduce iPhone clutter.

Marie Kondo for your inbox: KanBan Mail and Sortd for Gmail help you organize your email into boards and lists.

Marie Kondo for your browser tabs: Toby helps you sort your tabs into neat, visual lists.

Marie Kondo for your old tweets: Cardigan helps you find and delete old (embarrassing) tweets.

Marie Kondo for X

Product News! 😻

Yesterday's biggest news came from Spotify. The music streaming service made two major acquisitions: podcasting platform Anchor and podcasting network Gimlet Media. 🎧 Instagram seems to be letting folks make and publish their own face filters now with a code-free tool. 🤪Sonos announced a new series of weatherproof outdoor speakers. 🔉Essential — the tech company founded by Android creator Andy Rubin — is bringing back its once-dead email app, Newton. 💌 Calm became a unicorn to help you chillllll. 😌Google launched a Chrome extension to help you keep your passwords safe from hackers. 🔑And P&G bought This is L, a subscription startup for organic condoms, tampons and pads. 🙌