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Have been their users since the very beginning. Was very disappointed when they went away. Surprised they are back but also a bit annoyed. They are not handling it well. No notifications to past users. Have to visit product hunt to find out they are back. No incentive to join again. Not the way you should be treating your customers who stood by you thru thick and thin. Have since moved to Spark and not sure I’ll be coming back.
@ivor_kovic I definitely agree with you, I´m on the same situation, user since the very beginning and surprise on Product Hunt, they´re back. Shoul´ve handle it better.
@ivor_kovic same here. I'm also really disappointed with this behaviour. I'm sticking to Spark.
@ivor_kovic Same - even before they were Newton. I actually moved over to Superhuman. Still a little nostalgic for Newton, but should have heard about its resurgence from them!
This is annoying as a past paying user, I love your app, I paid for it, I also stopped using it the moment you said that you were gonna issue refunds (never actually got refunded) and had to go and test 1000 apps just to find something I liked again and now you're back?
@tred27 it´s good news bro, they had some trouble in the past like we all do, but they´re back!!!
@tred27 gone with Spark for a while. Does what they do, plus a whole lot more.. and it's free.
Don't get me wrong. I've loved Newton from day one, and was devastated when they shut down... But seriously? They didn't even inform their past customers before relaunching? I know Newton was acquired after their horribly handled shutdown, but why should we trust this company again? They've proven time and time again that serving and communicating with customers isn't a priority, and this launch shows they still haven't learned that lesson. So again, why on earth should we trust you guys? Also, get with the times and develop a dark mode already.

- Didn't like how they handled an issue I raised, very rude. - Didn't like how they closed down at such short notice - Rather annoyed after spending ages looking for a new email client that they came back so soon.


I used to use it (before it changed names).


See below:

Totally agree with the short notice on closing and the quick turnaround. I've switched to Polymail and although I preferred Newton originally I'm reluctant to switch back. Even the sub-title of the re-launch blogpost feels weird: "This time we are aiming for the next orbit". So, one more year? Then shutdown again?
Totally agree. I am staying with Spark. Why would I want to introduce their unpredicatlbity back into my life.
Totally agree with you. Sticking with Outlook for now. Subscription is way too expensive, I don't mind paying one time fee.
Started with Spark, then went to Newton, then Newton went away now see no reason to.go back and pay $49 for Newton when Spark covers what I need.
@bradungar Has Spark made it possible to NOT use threaded view? I remember reaching the conclusion that it is literally the perfect app for me, if it wasn't for that little super annoying thing. Just let me see my feed chronologically! 😃