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#1 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2015
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If Postmates, TOMS Shoes, and TROJAN had a baby...
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@rrhoover if Postmates, TOMS Shoes, and TROJAN had worn a condom, this baby would not exist.
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@rrhoover @francispedraza — I think it is "If Postmates and TOMS had worn a TROJAN, this baby would not exist :)"
Hi Product Hunters! I'm Talia, founder of L. We're here because you deserve world changing sex. Condoms can suck - ours don't. We reduced the proteins in the latex to get rid of latex scent, taste and irritation, and we deliver them to you on demand or you can order a subscription. For every L. condom you buy we give one to a female entrepreneur in a developing country. Let us know what you think!
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@talia_frenkel75 Wow, I knew that you distributed to developing countries, but not to entrepreneurs. That's awesome. Any cool stories from any of them?
Would love to hear more about how one goes about designing / producing a new condom product. How'd you get from 'I want to make a condom' to actually having a product?
@dshan i'm fascinated by this too!
@dshan Hi Derek (and Erik @eriktorenberg )! Great question. It began with surrounding ourselves with people who are smarter than us in the field, including material scientists and engineers. We made a point to address each of the major complaints about condoms and user experience. One of the most critical and intensive parts of the process is that condoms are considered a medical device by the FDA. So 1) initial concept and design, 2) manufacturing, and 3) regulatory approvals were the three major steps.
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I dig the clever branding, all else aside: world changing sex do {each other} good Without having tried the product itself, looks like great execution.
Is it possible to make a push up bra equivalent in a condom?