Find and delete old (embarrassing) tweets

Cardigan is a simple web app that scans your Twitter history to identify tweets you might want to delete.

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Ah, was wondering why it's called Cardigan, then realized, you use a cardigan normally to cover up ;)
@amstb1 I never even thought of that! It's actually due to reasons explained in the FAQ: But I like yours too, and will start using that from now on.
overheard in the @Kayako office: "this is super. all i've learnt from facebook "on this day" is that i was a dick"
@jmedwards @kayako Ha! I would like to have Cardigan work for Facebook posts too, maybe in the future...
The big warning about "download an archive of your tweets before proceeding" was enough to scare the crap out of me and keep me from signing up.
@arlogilbert Well, I'm confident that it won't delete tweets you didn't intend, but I can't 100% guarantee that, obviously. And in any case, the warning is more so that people don't regret the deletions, because they can't be undone!
@arlogilbert But sorry to scare the crap out of you! My intention was to make sure people understand that this can (if they wish) nuke their entire timeline, and there's no going back.
Ahm, I need to delete all of my tweets :) Good product!
Just what I needed!
fyi, i have 37k tweets and this thing seems to cap out at 20k. Is it really trying to load all my tweets in a single browser window? Seems like a bad way to do it.
@decktonic It should actually cap out at around 3200, which is the maximum the Twitter API allows, and is easily rendered in one browser window. I am working on a way to access your entire tweet backlog, but that will obviously have to involve pagination, as you point out. If you're actually seeing 20k tweets then I don't know how that's happening...