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Bypass the clutter from any web article

This service takes any web article or news page and returns only the relevant content, freeing you from any clutter, including ads, popups and more.

Install the Chrome extension, the Firefox Add-on or simply add "" before the URL you want to extract the useful content.

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Is this like Reader mode on Safari?
@eddiekxviii Never used it 😃, but reading the description it sounds like it does the same. The idea is to extract only the useful content from a news website (or any content really), avoiding paywalls, article limits, ads, modals, sounds, etc...
@eddiekxviii Yes, it is. Except if you use the Chrome extension you're still giving your data away.
Great! I added it as a bookmarklet on my bookmarks bar: javascript:location.href=''+enco... A useful addition to the URL example on the homepage, perhaps?
@adammustill Good idea! Will do it.
freaking awesome!
pi-hole + disconnect + ... actually adblock has nothing to do
@ipstas what is disconnect?