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Bookmarks are for books, not browsers. Organize your browser tabs into Toby so you can access key resources in one click instead of seven. Toby is browser extension that helps organize your tabs.

  • Michael Babich
    Michael BabichEntrepreneur, hacker, and traveler.



    I'd never recommend anything that requires registration to even see. A small utility like many that has absolutely no need for registration.

    Downloaded. Couldn't even try it stopped by request to register account. If every minor Chrome extension would require registration for usage, it would be nightmare. There are OneTab that does similar job very good with no need to provide an email.

    This one looks like hustling to get your contacts and spam you.

    Michael Babich has used this product for one day.
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  • Hannah K Zambrano
    Hannah K ZambranoSenior Executive, Mindvalley

    Really nice onboarding and interface

    Easy to use


    I got deceived, and now google is no longer my browser home page but is Toby... why?

    Downloaded the product, looks great and perfect for a big problem I have had for years with bookmarks and then later realized that my brownser home page had change to toby?!?! what?? not cool. If you will change a setting in my browser you HAVE to let me know, and if you did let me know then it was not clear AT ALL.

    Hannah K Zambrano has used this product for one day.
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Davor@davor_se · Developer
Is any, and if so what, of my information sent to your servers?
Dan Rosenshain
Dan Rosenshain@danr_4 · I try to be honest
I'd like to know that too. no privacy policy/tos
Arthur Camara
Arthur CamaraMaker@arthur_camara · CryptoKitties · Toby · Axiom Zen
@davor_se nothing is sent to our servers. In fact, Toby is a client side only app, so we have no way of knowing which tabs you add to Toby, or names you give to your lists. We do use third party software for analytics, though, and meta data is sent anonymously so we can learn how people are using it. We just count how many times Toby or the pop up was used in general, how many times a tab was added or removed, a list was added or removed, or a card was clicked. We also use google analytics for the site.
Arthur Camara
Arthur CamaraMaker@arthur_camara · CryptoKitties · Toby · Axiom Zen
@danr_4 I'll link the privacy policy we use today and send you the link
Mack Flavelle
Mack FlavelleMaker@mackflavelle ·
@danr_4 Hi! We're getting the privacy policy sorted out now. Will be done ASAP. Clearly the underlying principal is we won't be shitty, but apparently lawyers want more then that. **Head Shake**
Alex Bulat
Alex Bulat@bulat_alex · Marketing and Web Design Consultant
@davor_se in case you don't want to transfer any info to third-party servers, you need this
Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud@raphchabaud · Growth & Product Marketer
Lots of extensions are competing to get the Chrome New Tab space ! I used to have the Product Hunt Extension showing up today's hunt in my New Tab. And I like to have it. So how can I keep PH Extension for my new tab and use Toby at the same time ? It would be nice to have the possibility to use Toby without being forced to have it in a new tab.
Thibaud@tgerin · Onepark
@raphc this exactly, I use speed dial a lot and I'm not sure I'm ready to give it up to use Toby (as much as I love the UI).
Dorian Tireli
Dorian Tireli@dtireli · UX Director at Mimecast
@raphc you'll have to choose one of the apps I'm afraid...
@raphc Would be pretty rad to open the tabs from inside the context menu next to your URL bar I think
Arthur Camara
Arthur CamaraMaker@arthur_camara · CryptoKitties · Toby · Axiom Zen
@raphc @tgerin @dtireli @jamielovelace You can use it without having it in a new tab :) When you install it, it will use your new tab, but if you want to use something else as a new tab, you still can continue to use Toby. Click the Toby icon and you'll see button "Open Toby". That will open the dashboard in case you don't want to have it on your new tab :) Great point, though! Thanks a lot for your feedback and for trying it out! Let me know if you have any other thoughts
@raphc there's an idea for an extension. A Chrome New Tab extension that has an API for other extensions to inject widgets from other extensions.
Mack Flavelle
Mack FlavelleMaker@mackflavelle ·
My friend Arthur is one of the productivity nuts. Always looking for a way to claw back precious time stolen by shitty processes and stupid UX design. So he built Toby, cause tabs suck! Toby makes them not suck. Or not as much at least. Most of us at the office are using this religiously now. It makes managing waaaaay to much information much more gooder. We (but really he) would love to answer your questions about why he built it, why the other solutions on the market weren't the right fit for him, and some of the cool features we plan on launching in the next couple weeks.
Jonathan Tzou
Jonathan Tzou@jtzou · Co-Founder, Rupie // Founder, Optix Data
@mackflavelle Thank you for this. As a tab hoarder myself, this is godsend.
Haoyang Feng
Haoyang Feng@haoyangnz · CTO @
Any plan for Safari?
Sergio Sala
Sergio Sala@sergiosa_la · Web designer, writer and nomad
@haoyangnz I wanna know too!
Arthur Camara
Arthur CamaraMaker@arthur_camara · CryptoKitties · Toby · Axiom Zen
@sergiosa_la @haoyangnz Haven't thought about it yet, but I'll def consider it! :) Thanks for trying it out guys
Bruno Nascimento
Bruno Nascimento@nscmnto · Chief Beard, Barba Brada
@arthur_camara @sergiosa_la @haoyangnz If you build this for Safari, I'll gladly give you my wallet.
Sergio Sala
Sergio Sala@sergiosa_la · Web designer, writer and nomad
Thinh@tobalsan · Entrepreneur, startup founder
@arthur_camara Toby is GREAT. I'd pay for a Safari extension.
Nico Ford
Nico Ford@ni_kol · Vibe Enhancer @ Axiom Zen
My name is Nico, and I am a tab addict. Toby saves. Try Toby!