Slow and thoughtful development with Node and React

SnailJS is a starter/boilerplate app that attempts to define some structure for projects where the people involved want to dedicate some thought into how they will be built, don't want to give up control, and want to be fairly optimized.

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Wow! Nice Idea! I want to try it right now! 😎
@ivan_bilak1 Thanks for the kind words Ivan! Let me know how that goes and what can be added in your opinion.
I’m curious: why run commands via make instead of npm scripts?
@bitandbang Hi Tierney, thanks for the great question! I've answered here before but don't see my answer anymore, so something must've been up with PH and my browser. Basically in my opinion and experience it's a nicer interface for entry point commands, and it makes it easier to read and maintain chained commands instead of the npm scripts (which are amazing and are ultimately used here as well, but not as easy to read and maintain when more complex).