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The fastest ipsum generator on the 🌎⚡

When you want your ipsum, you want it fast! No time for slow pages, confusing interfaces and wasted energy. That’s why we built Lorem Tools, the quickest generator on the web. We have a character counter that lets you choose as much or as little ipsum as you need.

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You often want an exact count for your Lorem Ipsum as you need it for a specific region of UI - this tool counts selected chars


none, it does its job

Howdy Product Hunt 🤠 Thanks for checking out Lorem Tools! As a Product Manager at Indeed, I work with some of them best content writers and UX designers in the world. I rarely need lorem ipsum because we’re designing with realistic data. But… sometimes when I’m hacking together an OpenAPI spec for a new endpoint or roughing in a very early stage wireframe, I need some filler content and find myself searching for that tried and true latin gibberish. After wasting too much time googling and trying to find the best (and speediest) ipsum generator, I decided it was time to build my own. My goal was to make the leanest and meanest generator out there, and I think I got it! We hope you give Lorem Tools a try! Let me know if you have any questions 😍
Reminds me of this tweet by @ow last week that blew up... https://twitter.com/ow/status/10...
@ow @colinwinhall lol. I hadn’t seen that. The dangers of lorem! Handle with care.
Who wouldn't need it among designers & developers? 🤫😉 But what I liked the most is its simplicity - you get as many characters as you need with no effort! Good job! 👏 I really love ideas of that kind which are small, yet so useful when you need them! 😍
@gabriel_theodoropoulos thanks! Totes agree. I’ll make more tiny tools. GUID generator is next.
@matthew_d_clark That's cool! I'd happily make it one of the small tools I'll be using. Keep us posted!
@matthew_d_clark nice! I'll be using this for sure