Password Checkup by Google

A Chrome Extension to help resecure hacked accounts

Password Checkup helps you resecure accounts that were affected by data breaches.

Wherever you sign-in, if you enter a username and password that is no longer safe due to appearing in a data breach known to Google, you’ll receive an alert.

  • Michelle Tackabery
    Michelle TackaberySr Content Marketing Specialist, Progr…

    I have a few Chrome extensions that I consider vital because they just work. This looks like it could become one of them.


    I agree that a website checker would be a good alternative, although that would seem to require you to give up PID.

    Having something in the browser that can check your passwords without actively logging in to sites seems like a great idea.

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  • Amin Afshar
    Amin AfsharFounder of Sidenote

    Great idea to bring some peace of mind for security.


    Does it really need to be an extension? I think a website would have been sufficient.

    Seems to work instantly. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

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How does it work? Is it sniffing the password and sending to a server? Or is it all client side?
@school_4_ants skimming through the source code it looks like they check against a firebase database https://password-api-prod.fireba...
@school_4_ants According to Google they use "multiple rounds of hashing, k-anonymity, and private set intersection with blinding" to secure the username/password before sending them to a server.
Great job!! 😊 Great move by Google
Mui interestados
To early to tell. Give me a few days and I will have something concrete to say!