Password Checkup by Google

A Chrome Extension to help resecure hacked accounts

Password Checkup helps you resecure accounts that were affected by data breaches.

Wherever you sign-in, if you enter a username and password that is no longer safe due to appearing in a data breach known to Google, you’ll receive an alert.

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How does it work? Is it sniffing the password and sending to a server? Or is it all client side?
@school_4_ants skimming through the source code it looks like they check against a firebase database https://password-api-prod.fireba...
@school_4_ants According to Google they use "multiple rounds of hashing, k-anonymity, and private set intersection with blinding" to secure the username/password before sending them to a server.

Seems to work instantly. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.


Great idea to bring some peace of mind for security.


Does it really need to be an extension? I think a website would have been sufficient.

If it's a Chrome Extension then it comes w/ you... otherwise, it's unlikely you'll visit a website repeatedly to check your passwords.
Great job!! 😊 Great move by Google
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To early to tell. Give me a few days and I will have something concrete to say!