Caption This

Add closed-captions to videos for Instagram stories

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2019

Instagram stories now has 500M daily active users. But many viewers skip stories if they can’t turn up their phone’s volume 🔊Caption This solves this problem by creating videos with live closed-captions. Just record a video or load it from your camera roll, and Caption This will add captions that are perfectly synced to your speech. 🎉

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Hi Product Hunt! ✌️ I’m Jon, the creator of Caption This. Caption This is a iOS app I built while on vacation over Christmas. Caption This helps Instagram influencers boost engagement with their stories by adding closed captions to their videos. Often times, viewers skip stories if they can’t turn up their phone’s volume — if they’re in a public space or don’t have their headphones. Caption This is the solution to this problem. 🔥🔥🔥 🛠 Key Features: - Load videos from your camera roll, or shoot videos in the app - Custom styles for text: choose from a list of great fonts, and pick a custom background color (or no color at all) - Support for portrait & landscape videos Caption This is built with React Native and it's 100% open source (see the Github link in the social links section)
@jonbrennecke if ReactNative, why no Android version?
@_dwite_ great question! It is React Native, but it's only about 2/3 Javascript. The rest is native swift and Objective C. Most of that code is for the captions and transcriptions, which depends on the native iOS speech recognition API. Android has a similar speech API, but I haven't had made a react native bridge for it yet. That's definitely in the long-term plan though!
Nice work, Jon! I love how this can help watchers experience stores better. This is a great idea & I hope it is used in more scenarios than just this.
@3raxton Thanks for the support! I launched this app with Instagram in mind, but I've already seen several people using it on LinkedIn, and a few on twitter. 🤷‍♂️From their feedback, I added support for landscape videos. There's a couple other features in the works that will make Caption This an even better tool for people on all platforms!
The app works with other languages other than English? How is the proccess of adding the caption? =)
@fnnrodrigo currently it only works with English, although I will be rolling out support for other languages in the next update!
@jonbrennecke awesome! Thanks =)
Great idea! I suppose it's so useful for Instagram bloggers as me 😉
@ivan_bilak1 Thanks for your support! Definitely trying to make this tool as useful as possible for people just like you.
Looks like a great way to streamline the content creation process! Would be curious to know how accurate the transcription is? Is it built on an off-the-shelf NLC model?
@lachlankirkwood the transcript quality is great! It uses the built-in speech recognition system on iOS so the results are the same as what you get from Siri or dictation from the keyboard. Also, if there are errors in the transcription you have a chance to edit them before saving your captions.