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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2019

Walk through your Twitter follows one by one and go through the painstaking process of cleaning up your timeline. Did you follow this person for thier tweets or because of who they are? Did you follow that person out of social obligation? Are these tweets worth the anxiety?

A space for reflection.

  • Pros: 

    Love this! It's fun and easy to use


    It's a little bit addictive

    I follow way too many people. It's a serious problem. It's so bad that I literally can't see all of the people I follow because Twitter won't let me scroll down far enough. And even if I could it would take me forever.

    There are other tools that you can use to unfollow people, but Twitter doesn't seem to like it when it's TOO automated. So this is perfect for me. If I work on it a little at a time I can get things under control.

    Christine Renee has used this product for one day.
  • Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp

    Can systematically go through people I follow and decide if I want to keep them. No longer need to go through my feed to unfollow people.


    It is a tedious process, but worth it to improve the quality of your feed.

    Save people you follow in lists using this tool in case you want to bring them back later. Very helpful!

    Kunal Bhatia has used this product for one day.
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julius tarng
julius tarngMaker@tarngerine · Designer
Everyone was joking about Konmari for Twitter, but I went ahead and made a tool that helps you do that. It's a tool I made for myself, with some of my personal opinions. The code is open source on Glitch, which I encourage you to remix:!/tokim... The Konmari process is long, and very personal. You'll need to evolve your own framework for what is worth following and what isn't. This tool isn't automated and has no algorithms. It's simply a tool that can help. I worked on this for 3 weeks and I still have only gone through 400 of my 1000 initial follows — so strap in!
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@tarngerine as a result of KonMari-ing your Twitter followers, do you feel more joy in your life?
Christine Renee
Christine Renee@christine_renee
@tarngerine Thank you so much for making this. I've been using it for a month now and I still haven't reached the end, but I've been working at it a little bit at a time. It's oddly satisfying.
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez@raydawg88 · Creative Director - Product Maker - Dad
I just spent the last hour unfollowing people. Totally lost track of time, it's a bit addicting. Well done.
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
After watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I wanted to apply the KonMari Method to my life and quickly realized that the method is useful for physical Stuff but also virtual stuff. The method works well to organize your files, your subscriptions and how you spend time on the Internet,... Tokimeki Unfollow is a great way to choose how you spend time on Twitter and who you should follow
Sumeet Shah
Sumeet Shah@pe_feeds · Consumer & VC specialist for hire.
This may be one of the very few reasons I need the KonMari method for my life. Thank you for creating this, @tarngerine.
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I got through 150 of my follows, so I hope to be done before I throw away Twitter 😉 Well done @tarngerine, and it was super helpful to add people to lists during the evaluation process. Thanks for your help!