30 Seconds of Knowledge

Become a better developer, in every new tab.

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2019

Gain new developer skills every time you open a New Tab! Choose which programming languages you want to get better at in options and get smarter every time you open a New Tab. All you need is 30 seconds to read and understand snippets of code and improve your knowledge. Saw something useful? Just copy/paste it into your code and you're golden!

  • Pros: 

    - The snippets turn out to be useful in some of the usecases. - Links at the bottom are really helpful.


    - None

    The tagline 'Become a better developer, in every new tab.' fits the extension perfectly. As a junior developer, it helped me become a better JavaScript developer and I can't imagine it could have been without this. I have recently landed a better job with a better role and a very good salary and I nailed the JavaScript and React interview. It wouln't be possible without this.

    Sachin Verma has used this product for one month.
  • Erik Tran
    Erik TranLove Jesus

    Easy to use and a great placeholder for all my information and links.


    None so far

    In the short amount of time, I've found it to be very useful. I consistently get news on articles related to my industry and now I can "hold" them in one place, categorize them, and share with colleagues. Extremely useful for my business and projects.

    Erik Tran has used this product for one month.
Hello PH! Glad to share this Chrome Extension with you. Recently I became responsible for mentoring two junior developers at my job and I got an idea to create this project. Hope you'll like it. All feedback is welcome. Looking forward to hearing what all of you think!
Awesome idea. Do you plan on expanding it to other languages as well?
@graciousgarg I am planning to add more languages, however the initial stage of the extension is powered by other 30 seconds of projects (like 30 seconds of code, 30 seconds of css ...) If the extension gains some traction and users i plan on focusing my time to find collaborators that would like to write new snippets to get independent of the mention open-source projects.
@petrovicstefan Makes sense. Also now I get the reference in the name
My current new tab plugin shows me an awesome new cat everytime, but if I ever feel like being more productive, this seems like an excellent replacement.
@dkb868 Here is the deal, you tell me the name of the extension with cats and I'll use it instead of you, and you use this one for a while 🐈 🐾 . P.S. wasn't joking, that cat extension sounds great!
@dkb868 Oh GOD!!! I think I'll personally use this one but don't tell anyone!
Nice stuff you got there ... 😃
@vladimir_sb Thank you very much! 😊 🙏
I published similar product last year Coding Tips . I pull information from Stackoverflow and github. This seems cool. All the best.
@sasi513 Hey, just checked out your extension great job, I like that it takes the info from such information rich sources like git and stackoverflow. All the best to you too!