Ever wondered where your iPhone storage goes? Most of it is probably useless photos, like those 20 pics you took to get one perfect shot. With Gemini Photos, you can keep just the good ones and remove similar shots, blurred pics, and other clutter in few taps

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How cool is that. Waiting for Android version :)
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@graver_ua @ua_philka need it for Android too!
@graver_ua Android app would be great!
Hi, Product Hunters! Many thanks to @charlieirish for hunting Gemini Photos and to all of you for upvoting it. You may know one of our top apps is Gemini 2, a duplicate finder for Mac. It’s the users of that app who came up with the idea for this one. When talking to them, we discovered they mainly used Gemini 2 to sort out photos, and the improvement they wanted was the ability to do the same on iPhone. So we built Gemini Photos, an iPhone app for — you guessed it, photos that look alike. This is what Gemini Photos does: suggests you the best photo out of several similar shots lets you quickly delete the rest detects and helps remove blurred photos, screenshots, and photos of text lets you delete all iPhone photos if you want to P.S. We know it can be scary to let an app mess with your photos, because you might lose memorable shots, but don’t worry: Gemini Photos only suggests you what to delete, the final choice is always yours. Enjoy!
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@ymlnv great use of P.S. to address primary concern
@charlieirish @ymlnv Awesome! I'm a big fan of Gemini 2 and also use it to sort pictures. Well done turning it into a product, super useful!
@charlieirish @ymlnv First thoughts after scanning 70k photos: - "Similar" is really unreliable. It said a photo of a friend and me, and a photo of the same friend and my girlfriend, on a scenic backdrop, were "similar" and one of the 2 should be deleted. - Since I can't trust the "Similar" section, would be great if the app could separate out true duplicates - same photo but maybe with different metadata - from "similar" photos. Cleaning up the 1st mess would also allow to clean the 2nd more easily. A sort by "how much I trust this app" if you will. Cheers
@charlieirish @ymlnv I have long been searching for a duplicate finder that is smart about albums. For example: I have two photos that are identical, A and B. Photo A is in three different albums, photo B is in one album. Can you delete photo A and then put photo B in all the albums where A appeared?
Before developing the app we did some market research, and over 50% of iPhone users said they had redundant photos. We decided to focus on major types of those: blurred photos, stuff like screenshots and photos of text (which you typically take to share with someone and then forget to delete), and of course, our specialty inherited from Gemini 2 — similar photos. The trickiest part was “teaching” the app to tell good shots from not-so-good ones. Gemini Photos uses computer vision to detect what’s in the image — specifically faces and smiles, which are important criteria. To identify photos of text and such, the app uses Apple’s Core ML.
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It's an easy way to delete TONS of duplicates... I often experience problems when I have to choose one photo of a sunset, of my dog or of me! And Gemini Photos is a great solution, thank you guys!


Helps to clean up my photo library!


takes a while to scan my 24 000 photos library

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Great idea! Finally, I can clean my iPhone 🤗
@perpetuous Awesome, thanks. Will be looking forward to hearing your feedback.