Sitpack Zen X

Make portable seating convenient, awesome, and easy to use😎

Sitpack ZEN is the world’s most compact, and functional one-legged chair. Its designed to improve your posture, and lets you relax when you need it, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Made with either carbon or alu tubes, and a ballistic nylon seat, it's the toughest, most advanced and lightest portable seat on the market.

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Well, it really looks like a lollypop!


The idea is good


Looks like a lollypop

Shit it does. But it also looks like a Stanley bottle, so I guess that's a pro.
Hi Product Hunters! Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us 😉 I'm super excited to post our Sitpack Zen X here. If you have any questions, i'll be happy to help.

Would be useful for attendees of festivals, open-air concerts, exhibitions and much more.


Compact size, high-end materials, use cases.


Can try to make it even lighter.

The video is very promising. Is this suitable for traveling ?
@gag_gevorgyan Yes it is. As Jonas said its been brough in handluggage to US from EU, on Domestic US flights, where security are asking if its been on Shark Tank :) - Its also been to Asia