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July 9th, 2020

Watch Netflix, save the planet
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It would be nice if there really was a team of pollution busting superheroes with magical rings saving the rainforests and oceans. Sadly we don’t have a real-life Captain Planet, but climate change is a real-life issue. We’ve seen Makers with heroic intentions launch products designed to help in the fight against Climate Change.

Here are some environmentally friendly products designed to help in the ongoing battle to save our planet launched over the last year:

Plantyflix plants trees for every hour you binge on Netflix.

Joro is Fitbit for your carbon footprint. Connect your bank and Joro will automatically track your emissions.

Neutral helps to offset your carbon emissions from your shopping cart.

Wren aims to help you live a carbon neutral life by offsetting your carbon footprint through a monthly subscription, funding climate positive projects and causes.

Just One Earth offers visual representations of how everyday choices impact the environment.

Climatebase is a platform for climate actions, education and impact. You can look for climate related jobs, events and organizations in one place.

5 Vegan calculates how much water, grain, forest and CO2 you could save living a vegan lifestyle.

Carbon Removal Market by Nori helps you to calculate your own carbon footprint, then balance this out through purchasing carbon removals.

Reel offers environmentally friendly toilet paper made from bamboo instead of trees.

If you want to help the save the planet one product at a time...
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