Carbon Removal Market by Nori

Actually remove your carbon emissions from the atmosphere

Reversing climate change means emitting less CO2 in the future, and it also means removing our past emissions. Nori is the first to offer anyone the ability to take responsibility for their own emissions and pay farmers for removing CO2 from the atmosphere.
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Paul Gambill
CEO of Nori
Back in 2015, I started wondering what people were doing to actually solve and reverse climate change. It seemed straightforward to me: if the problem is that there are too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, then the solution is to pull those gases back out. At the time, I founded what I am pretty sure was the world's first networking group around carbon removal. What I found was that we actually already had all of the early-stage technologies and processes we need in order to remove a trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. The problem is that they haven't scaled up, and are in dire need of incentives to innovate and bring costs down. Carbon removal tech right now is sort of like solar panels were in the 1980s. It is indeed the future, but it needs to scale up. Enter Nori. We're a platform that is unlike any other carbon market that precedes us. We're not just building a better market for corporations to offset their emissions. That's not thinking big enough. What we're making is an API for reversing climate change. Carbon emissions are like garbage that we produce, but we can't see it or smell it. Society basically ignores this garbage. But what if we had the ability to pay a garbage collector to pick up our carbon emissions and store them responsibly? Imagine placing an order on Amazon, and then in real-time Amazon pays for removing the emissions required to deliver that product to your door. Or you take an Uber/Lyft ride, and at the end of the ride a sponsor plays an ad in the app and they automatically remove the emissions from that ride. Carbon removal should be invisible and happen automatically in the background of everyday life. This launch is our MVP. We're making it possible for anyone to pay our farmer—Trey Hill of Harborview Farms in Maryland—for sequestering carbon in his soils. Our future roadmap is to build out a truly commoditized market for carbon removal where the price is completely driven by supply and demand. But we can only get there by starting with all of you. Help us start a carbon removal movement and let's start reversing climate change today!
Finally - a trustworthy way to pay for carbon removal!
Gustaf Alströmer
Partner, Y Combinator
Congrats on the launch! This is awesome!
Michael Leggett
Lead Maker at &
I joined Nori 18 months ago because I wanted to bring my skills around building products to work on solutions to climate change. I'm excited that we've launched and ready for the next phase as we work to grow, succeed, and make our dent.
Ross KenyonCofounder of the Nori marketplace.
What first caught my eye when considering whether to work on Nori was that with carbon removal we can reverse climate change, and also help to create a future trillion dollar carbon removal industry.