Offset your carbon emissions, right from your shopping cart

The stuff we buy is responsible for mountains of wasted packaging & millions of transport miles. With every online purchase Neutral calculates and offsets your online shopping carbon footprint
This weekend Neutral will plant one tree for every new download! 🌲
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Hey everyone! Neutral co-founder here πŸ‘‹ To give some background, we're a group of university students from Ontario who are passionate about protecting the environment. Just last month, the team @ Mozilla Builders invited us to join the Mozilla MVP Lab, and we've been hustling to bring Neutral to life ever since. We built Neutral because we believe that it's increasingly difficult for people to understand their environmental impact, especially when it comes to online shopping. I get it. We love to online shop. But our habits are making a serious dent on the planet. Just take a look at the stats: Amazon alone emitted 15 million tons of CO2 in a year delivering packages to our doorstep. With that much in carbon emissions, you and I could drive around the world 1.3 million times. Everyone has a breaking point, and so does our planet. 🌎 To help you get started, our team has committed to plant one tree for every Neutral download this Memorial Day weekend. ✨🌲 Your climate journey starts today! I'm heading to bed, but my team and I will be around all day to answer your questions! We'd love to hear what you think πŸ™Œ
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Everything always comes with a cost. Really obvious in hindsight, but before using Neutral, I had no idea how much of an impact the convenience of Amazon 2 day shipping was having on the earth. Found Neutral from the Mozilla Builders MVP Lab and the amount of carbon footprint I had just by shopping on Amazon blew me away. As the world is changing and global warming is increasing, we all need to do our part to try to keep carbon emissions as low as possible! With Neutral, we can now see that.
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I used to order stuff on Amazon all the time - literally anything I needed I just got on Amazon. Then I downloaded neutral as I was about to click order on my cart the neutral extension popped up and showed me the environmental impact of what I was about to order. After seeing those results I thought twice about going through with that order - instead I either decided I didn't need it or went to a local store and picked up what I needed instead. Download this app if you want to become more conscious of your online ordering! (And save some money too)
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@puneet_sachdeva Wow, what an impact! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying Neutral and the extent that it's changed your shopping habits. ✨✨
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I wish this product is around earlier! Would make me become more aware of my carbon footprint.
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@zheng_xin_yong Thank you for your kind comment! What part do you like the most?
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Super cool concept - congrats on the launch! I'm curious if you plan to show the user how you arrived at the carbon footprint for a particular item?
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@sirgreg Thanks for your kind words!! Hmm that sounds like a good idea, right now, we calculate the CO2 based off of the product category and check it with a database of over 400 categories to make sure the calculation is accurate. But yeah I agree it's kind of behind the scenes, we'll work on that!
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