Bamboo toilet paper that does good and feels good.

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2019
Reel is building a new kind of paper company. One that cares about helping the planet and our fellow humans while providing fantastic and sustainable paper products. With their first product, you can get sustainable bamboo toilet paper delivered to your door.
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Our of curiosity, what is the carbon footprint from turning bamboo into toilet paper? Most supermarkets sell a toilet paper option from 100% recycled paper which is surely lower impact than freshly grown, solid wood, being converted to soft paper rolls?
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@chrisp2030 As just a hunter, I'm curious about this as well! I was also curious about the impact of shipping the paper to your house rather than shipping in bulk to stores. My thought process (though possibly flawed) is that I'm willing to ship it to my house in the hopes that it takes off to the point that it's popular enough to be carried in stores.
Just use a bidet and no toilet paper at all. That's the best way to be green.
@amit_agarwal2 Wanna be truly green? Just use your hands.
@amit_agarwal2 I've heard human tongues are a sustainable alternative to disposable wet wipes.
When it will be world-wide?
if you really cared about the environment as you say in your product video, you would know that Bamboo forests are at risk of extinction. And that Bamboo plants are really good for the environment by reducing up to 35% carbon dioxide in the climate and deliver more oxygen. Saying we care about our environment is cool, but very few actually mean it and act accordingly. Before buying or supporting any product, do some research
@alessandro1 From a brief google search it seems like you're right that certain species of bamboo are at risk of extinction. But it's not bamboo as a whole. There are types of trees that are endangered, but buying wooden products isn't threatening them directly if it's not sourced from those threatened species right? If you take reel at their word they claim "our bamboo is grown in protected and renewable forests in Southwestern China". Source: Also, I don't fully follow your point. You seem to say that using bamboo is bad because bamboo is endangered, but then throw in that bamboo is really god for the environment. Could you clarify what you mean?
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@alessandro1 Wouldn't the fact that it they can actually contribute very well to the reduction of CO2 be a reason to use bamboo instead of classic wood? From what I've learned it grows faster and reduces CO2 more efficiently so it seems like an ideal material. It seems like your argument isn't against bamboo but against deforestation. From what I can tell you agree that bamboo is an awesome plant, but you're worried about it being harvested from the wild and not sustainably grown. So rather say all bamboo products are bad and just trying to be trendy, I would think your warning would be "Make sure your bamboo is being ethically/sustainably sourced". Or am I still missing something?
@grahampark I absolutely agree with you! But reading their website and watching their video, they are not talking about growing new bamboo forests and take the bamboo only from there. Which implies deforesting existing jungle forests. And even if they were not (which I really doubt) you are still promoting the fact that cutting a bamboo tree is better than cutting a pine or a larch, which is not the case, if you consider the implicit damage you are doing to the whole local ecosystem.
I just ordered my first box, but it seems like a pretty cool concept!