Anima's mission is to automate the design-to-code process for teams and individuals that are building digital products.
By using Anima, designers can design in Figma and receive HTML code in a single click. Create high fidelity prototypes and share designs.
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Hey guys, Congrats for the marketing, product value is very clean and clear Code quality is important. Check, a french solution, with a component approach, exporting Sketch to Vue.js and React 😍. Figma plugin will come soon ! They explain their approach here : Best,
Hi Figma lovers! We are thrilled to announce Anima is now available for Figma 🎉 Some of the things you can do with Anima for Figma: * Export Figma to HTML and CSS. * Publish live websites from Figma with a single click. * User testing with prototypes that feel real. * Enrich Figma prototypes with Live forms, Videos/GIFs/Lottie, Breakpoints, Live chat, Google Map, or any custom code. Anima converts your Figma design to code. The possibilities are endless! Have a creative day, ❤️ Anima team
It would be great if users could trial the Pro plan to see how the code export works before committing to at least $40.
OH MY GOD! this is truly amazing - Quick question do you support video loop bg for prototype?
Hi hunters, thanks for all the kind words! Here's how you can try out the code without thinking twice - We're having a deal for hunters - $1 for the first month: ❤️ Anima team @setosa_digital @michael_andreuzza