Luggage storage hosted by local shops

Described as the "Airbnb of Storage", Bagsort provides travelers convenient, affordable ($5.95/day), and safe luggage storage within major cities across North America. Our storage network consists of certified local stores & hotels with extra space available
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Hello all, I'm the Co-founder & CEO of Bagsort, and I would like to share our story; It's a familiar predicament: you've got a few hours before you can check in to your vacation rental, and you want to start doing some sightseeing — but that means dragging your luggage along crowded sidewalks. We first came across this issue while traveling to Toronto when we found ourselves having to wait for hours in a cafe shop with nothing to do. We couldn't find anywhere to leave our bags before being able to get into our Airbnb. That’s when we realized that temporarily storing your bags while traveling is a common problem for many travelers. Bagsort solves that problem! I look forward to hearing any feedback from you guys!
Great product, well-thought features!
Just searched for a location in New York, NY, 0 results. Are you still rolling out in NYC? I own and have tons of requests for luggage storage from tourists. Let me know if/when you have any locations near the park and I'll link up with you.
@centralparker Hello Aric, we are planning to roll out in NYC later this year. Email me at and we can discuss about a partnership!
@cody_candee Perfect just what I was looking for, please send me a note and I'll put you in touch with our biz dev.
Awesome! Love this idea :) always find myself struggling to store my large bags when I do short day trips !
@_dianehuang Thanks Diane, looking forward to have you using our service next time you get stuck with your bags!
Its quite interesting, that will allow users to visit places without worry much about their Luggage, But I have only one question. Will you scan their luggage to make sure they don't any explosive things and other illegal things (Bomb, Drugs etc..)
@ravi_since97 Great question Ravi! Safety is our #1 priority. The traveler's details given while booking a shop lets us know precisely who he is. Credit card processing also helps us to verify your identification. Traceability of the process makes it a less attractive for anyone wanting to store any illegal items (items that's also strongly against our service's terms of conditions). Furthermore, before accepting any bags, hosts have the right to ask the traveler to open their bags for a visual check if any suspicions arise. Hope that answers your question!
@jean_luc_martineau Thanks a lot, It would be better if you tie up with some hotel chain which will help you to get trusted partner
@ravi_since97 Exactly, that's the type of hosts we are aiming for and currently have a few hotels partnered with us!