Product Hunt Mentors Network in partnership with Superpeer, allows you to book 1 to 1 meetings with industry experts on a range of topics including product building, social media, PR, design, engineering and more. More mentors will be added soon. Stay tuned!
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Hey Makers. 👋 Aaron from Product Hunt here. We are delighted to be teaming up with Superpeer for something new and exciting. Announcing Product Hunt Mentors Network 🎉 Product Hunt Mentors allows you to book 1 to 1 meetings with industry experts on a range of topics including product building, social media, PR, design, engineering and more. How it works: You can read more about each mentor in their short bios, then click “Book a Call” to select a time that suits you from their online calendars. Each mentor sets their own fee in accordance with their experiences. (Full disclaimer: Product Hunt takes a percentage). We are also excited to announce that you too can become a mentor by filling out the form here We would love to hear what you think 🧠 We want to give a special thanks to our founding mentors @pablostanley @lolitataub @carolinesyrup @rrhoover @mubashariqbal @chrismessina @mattnavarra @hnshah @jmitch @prsarahevans
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@pablostanley @lolitataub @carolinesyrup @rrhoover @mubashariqbal @chrismessina @hnshah @jmitch @prsarahevans @aaronoleary 🎉 Congrats on the launch! Looking forward to helping lots of people through PH Mentorships :)
@pablostanley @lolitataub @carolinesyrup @rrhoover @mubashariqbal @chrismessina @mattnavarra @hnshah @jmitch @prsarahevans @aaronoleary Thanks Aaron - seeing this live and featuring people I respect within the industry, as well as some of my best friends, fills me with a significant amount of pride. Everyone from anywhere in the world can now network with the best - flying to SF is no longer a requirement 😊
just finished my profile! thanks for the invite!
Honest opinion here... I think Product Hunt got its fundamentals wrong by charging mostly bootstrapping founders large amounts of money. I thought the point of PH was to help bring great products (that can be found anywhere) to life? Not only mentorship-wise, but also other things like Ship, and of course only large tech companies are able to afford ads
@aldo_silva Hi Aldo, valid question. There are founders who can’t afford the service (let’s say category A) and then there are ones who are seed funded, building their products (category B). There are thousands in this category B, and they are the ones who are actively looking for help and advice - they asked us to build this for them. Part of the reason this type of offering didn’t exist before was because nobody wanted to exclude category A, but by doing so we end up unfairly excluding category B - so a founder from Bangalore, Shanghai or Paris would be left with zero access to the resources they need in order to thrive. Superpeer was created with the intended demographic being those who are funded and on their way to building their startup, so that they can avoid the less than obvious pitfalls.
@aldo_silva they’re not charging a lot of money at all. It’s $500 an hour. That’s peanuts to speak to experts.
Thank you so much for including me as part of this launch. I have learned a TON from many of the people on the list and look forward to watching it grow. This is a great group of industry leaders who now have a unique way to connect with makers and doers around the world that may have not otherwise existed. Congratulations to the Superpeer and Product Hunt teams on consistently finding new ways to bring ideas to life, connect people and help build business opportunities. WELL DONE!!!
Hi Everyone, CEO @ Superpeer here, lmk if you have any questions! Very happy to see this go live, and we are super excited to let you create your own network of Superpeers on your own site, please read my article and get in touch with me!
@devrimyasar nice job! supercalifragilisticexpialidocious slick sign up flow.
@pollock 🤗💛✨
Am I the only one that thinks it's a bit odd to call this "mentorship?" Mentorship is when an experienced, knowledgeable person *helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person* It's not a financial transaction. I mean, paying for time with an expert is great! Cool product for sure. But if money is involved, let's call it what it is: Consulting.
@divineprofit Hi Stefan this is a fair point and agree that lines are a bit blurry here. The reason for the word mentorship is because Superpeer is about a high-value conversation with a highly sought after individual, adding them to your network. Maybe they will introduce you to your next investor, or to an A+ designer you're looking for. It is not consulting because it is not rendering a specific service for a specific task, and that is why it is best captured with the word "mentorship". Maybe this is paid-mentorship, or paid-advisory but it is also not consultancy since that implies a scope of work.