FontPairings 2.0

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FontPairings is a free tool where you can try, find, preview and download hand picked font combinations. Visualize them live on all kinds of templates, graphics & printables to make sure they fit your needs, and download them without much of a hassle.
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First of all thanks @kevin for hunting FontPairings v2! Hello everyone! Some of you may be familiar with the first release of this tool back in October last year - well, we've added a ton of cool features and today we are pleased to bring you guys the new version of our font pairings tool :) TL;DR With this tool you can match fonts or pick from 100+ premade font combinations to pre-visualize them on a variety of different types of templates for digital & print use FontPairings.ByPeople v2 brings a new collection of fonts & premade pairings with a huge variety of styles that you can easily apply and preview on templates for both web & print to pre-visualize them at the click of a button in order to easily find the perfect typographic match for your projects - simply pick your heading & paragraph fonts or pick a premade font combination from the available pairings and preview how they synergize with each other in real time on everything from web templates to posters, flyers, social media graphics, logo templates & more Since we are working on this with our friends from the best part is once you've found your desired font pairing you can pick one of the templates and edit it on the fly, customize it to your liking, and download it right away. With FontPairings.ByPeople you can: 🔎 Preview font combinations on a huge variety of templates for digital & print use 💡 Discover both free & premium typography - everything from handwriting, serif/sans-serif, slabs, vintage, etc ✏️ Pair fonts for display or long paragraphs, for websites or for printables 📜 Test titles & paragraph text size separately - no awkward font sizes, promise. 💣 Pick a premade font pairing or discover your own using our selection of free and premium fonts 📱 Preview your font combinations on desktop & mobile 📥 Download your chosen font pairing on it's own or applied to a template from Artify 🔥 Premium Typefaces & Font Bundles As I've mentioned, some of the fonts available are premium products and we couldn't give them to you for free even though we love you, however they are available for purchase with insane discounts so you should definitely check them out! ❤️ Spread the love! As usual, thank you guys for your continued support & feedback, we appreciate it really! Feel free to let me know what you guys think of this tool or if you have any questions you can drop me a line in the comments or via twitter:
@kevin @juanpablosarmi Oh wow! This is awesome! The font pairing community is in need of a tool like this! thank you - My app in development will use font pairs after our MVP and beta launch. It's called - check it out!
@kevin @dave_smith10 Dave, great thanks, I will take a look :)
@juanpablosarmi Congrats Juan for yet another project! This is brilliant idea! :D
Congratulations on the launch, i can quickly choose the font and see a visual of it right on the product. Playfair Display ABeeZee is great!!!!
@fajarsiddiq Hi Fajar :) thank you very much for your feedback it's good to know that you liked the product and it's working great for you.
Love this project, congrats on the launch and keep up the good work!
@alejo_mdza Thanks a lot and yes that's for sure we'll keep working hard to keep launching great products :)
Hey Juan, congratulations for the launch, its an amazing product and i highly recommend it. Keep working 👏
@santhiaroo Santhia, thanks for your kind words, which combination did you like the most ?
@juanpablosarmi I love the Playfair Display-ABeeZee 🙈
@santhiaroo I absolutely love Playfair, we even used it for our Artify project :)
Congrats on the launch, I can see massive improvements on 2.0
@musharofchy Musharof, yes, we worked hard on this version, it was technically very challenging as we wanted to apply the combinations to all designs on the fly. But liked the result :)