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July 8th, 2020

Want to talk to an expert?

Superpeer launched on Product Hunt in March as a way to book 1 on 1 meetings with experts.

Early feedback from the community was positive;

“Congrats on the launch, Devrim. This is such a cool idea. Can't wait to jam with people using it!” – Pablo

“This will definitely change how consultants work” – Fatih

Chris Messina even asked the question, “I'm thinking of adding video consulting to my Product Hunting offerings via Superpeer... what do you guys think?”

Well, we thought it was a pretty good idea and are proud to announce the launch of the Product Hunt Mentors Network in partnership with Superpeer. This network includes experts from product building, social media, PR, design, engineering and more.

We’re launching with 10 awesome mentors to start with; Matt Navara, Chris Messina, Lolita Taub, Justin Mitchell, Sarah Evans, Pablo Stanley, Ryan Hoover, Caro Griffin, Hiten Shah and Mubashar Iqbal, with more fantastic folks yet to be announced.

How it works: Read more about each mentor in their short bios, then click "Book a Call" to select a time. Each mentor sets their own fee and Product Hunt takes a small percentage.

If you are interested in launching your own network, you can read more about Superpeer Brand Networks here.

“Now, everyone around the world will have access to the best product minds in the world. They will be able to build products on par with everybody else and build their networks - like they’re in Silicon Valley.“ - Devrim, Superpeer cofounder

If you’d like to become a mentor yourself, please apply here. Or if you’d like to book a session with an expert mentor, you can...
Talk to an expert
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