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July 6th, 2020

Are you team real or fake plants? 🌱

We’re talking houseplants. 🌱

With shelter-in-place a central theme of 2020 so far, we’ve all spent a lot of time at home. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to discover new houseplant products piquing the interest of the community.

Showcasing your work from home station is the new MTV Cribs, and no self-respecting WFH setup is complete without a plant or two to set the ambience.

Terraplater is an inside-out planter for growing plants indoors. You can see the plant growing on the outside of the planter, which holds water on the inside. Looks pretty cute.

Choose your plant is a community dedicated to indoor plant fans. Talk with fellow plant lovers and discover what plant is best suited to your indoor environment.

Pico is a self-illuminating, self-watering, mini-farm, helping you to grow plants and herbs with minimal effort.

Click and Grow, a smart planter for herbs and spices, is still going strong 5 years after its launch on Product Hunt.

For those of you on team fake plants, check out the ever so real looking, but water-not-required, Slightly Browning Fake Plants.
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