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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 29, 2020
Spend that Green is a game where you make some life choices, and try to stay under your allotted monthly carbon budget.
Mother Earth is a game where you play as Earth trying to save the humans from mass extinction while climate change progresses.
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Reminds me of Pandemic, that old Miniclip game where you could try to stop some disease from spreading around the world. If only there was a category for Morbidly Fun... 🌎
Hey ProductHunt, didn't expect to be here so soon—thanks Nick! 👋 From the same team behind Killed for Food, two more visualizations designed to hurl you into the climate-existentialist void. ⚫ 🌎 First, Mother Earth: a game in the vein of paperclip maximizer and pandemic, hacked together to transmit existential dread over the internet 📆 You are the Earth in 2020. ⏲ A year passes every second. ⛑ Your job: keep the humans alive. In Mother Earth, humans are driven by external capitalist and industrialist influences—slave to the tragedy of the commons—as well as intrinsic motivations to conserve and live sustainably. Convert humans to carbon neutrality with displays of nature's beauty, and cull the polluters with natural disasters. ⏰ How long will it take you to make the humans carbon neutral? 💸 Second, Spend that Green: a playful exercise in spending a millennial's personal carbon budget, backed up by horrifyingly real numbers. ⚔ If you thought you could binge watch Game of Thrones and _also_ take that flight to SF, think again. 🐼 Ain't no flaws with drinkin claws at only ~0.4lbs of CO₂ per can 'o White Claw. 🔥 And to the burners out there: good luck getting back to SF when your return trip is the rest of your carbon budget. We had a lot of fun making these visualizations, and I legit became a vegetarian because of Killed for Food — be the change you wish to see in the world, amirite ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
honestly blown away. this is the first time i've seriously found myself viscerally connected to the climate crisis. there have been plenty of times where I felt logically connected: "yeah we have to do something about this." but just now when I was playing the game I actually had to step out after to get some air bc i was so anxious and concerned for the planet. it's really got me thinking. even if its not something yall ever work on again or anything, i want you to know that it's moved me.
I times of climate change this is an important pro8
This is fantastic, thanks so much for making this