Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 15th, 2019

10 awesome things for your house
The sleeeekest desk

More and more of us are starting to work from home, so we may as well deck out our houses/apartments/dwellings with some ~unusual~ items.

We’ve been seeing a lot of home products launch on Product Hunt lately, and they’re anything but conventional. A sampling of new household items we dug up in the PH rabbit hole:

😻 Vonk is furniture your cat is allowed to scratch

👀 Mahinarium Selfie Dolls are...exactly what they sound like

🛋 Couchmates turns your roommate into a "couch concierge"

🖥 Norm is a solid-stone desk with built-in tech

😌 GoRelax is a relaxation mat for stress

🙌 Welly are stackable, customizable first-aid kits

🛏 The Drift is a flexible subscription for modern furniture

🔌 Wyze Plug are compact wi-fi smart plugs

👏 Minut is a camera-less home security devices

🌿 Horti is a plant subscription to develop your green thumb

What would you add to this list? Share it with us on Twitter and we’ll RT the most useful or ridiculous recommendations.


Product News! 😻

There’s a new dating startup, backed by Y Combinator. Boat rental startup Boatsetter raises $10M. Nurx hits $300M valuation. And this startup just raised funding to take on ESPN.

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