Transforms your roommate into your personal couch concierge

Turn your roommates into on-demand couriers so you

don’t have to leave your couch.

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Hey Product Hunt, I want to introduce Couchmates, the service that transforms your roommate into your personal couch concierge, brought to you by Burrow. Head to the website, enter your roommate’s phone number, and our innovative leisure platform will coordinate prompt delivery of whatever you need, without ever having to leave the couch! We're here all day to answer your questions, so keep them coming!
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Ive only been using this app for about ten minutes and I’ve already sent two roommates into hysteria trying to figure out why ‘Donald’ keeps text-ordering them to bring him his toenail clippers.


Hysterical reactions from roommates, incredibly easy to use, fun


More options!

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Does it work on spouses?
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My fiancé gave me a one star rating.
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@dan_abrams i relate too you Dan
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@dan_abrams giving my fiance a one star rating in solidarity 🙌
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This is funny. Maybe you guys can create an option for spouses? Lol
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@aafable Ha - mine would prob just tell me to do it myself 😂
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@abadesi Definitely try it out on your spouse! @aafable You can rate them 1 star afterwards if you're not happy with the performance hehe
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Even though my roommates are so lazy, I make sure they get bad reviews and then they feel bad.


I'm really lazy.


My roommates are also really lazy.

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