Wyze Plug

Compact WiFi smart plugs for $15

The Wyze plug connects to an outlet, communicates with the Wyze mobile app, and lets you monitor and control power to whatever happens to be plugged in, be it a lamp or a coffee maker.
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Are there plans for an EU-plug version?
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@m1guelpf AU as well!
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@m1guelpf Hi Miguel.TThere are more EU-version plug on Amazon.
Especially love the vacation mode with this. Turning your stuff on and off at random making it appear you’re home is infinitely more smart than leaving a light on
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No Homekit support?
@andrei_nedelcu I have the same question.... so what's a Homekit alternative then?
@chuckkahn I'm using one from Koogeek (Chinese manufacturer) and it's pretty decent
@andrei_nedelcu but is it Apple Homekit compatible? I'm only seeing Amazon and Google logos on their website. Update: nevermind I was looking at the wrong product.
@andrei_nedelcu Meross HomeKit version smart plug and Wemo smart plug support Apple HomeKit.
Are these UL listed?