Vectornator is an intuitive vector graphics software that empowers designers and gives them the ability to create everything from sophisticated illustrations, awesome UI and web design, as well as amazing layouts.
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I started working on Vectornator when I was still a kid (10 y.o) because I wanted to create a graphic design tool that anyone could use, regardless of age or experience. Almost a decade later, on August 15, we’re releasing Vectornator X. It’s a significant update; the flagship feature is auto-trace — Vectornator will be the first app where your images can be converted into vectors with a single tap. In the future we will take Vectornator to completely new grounds with real time collaboration. Imagine being able to work with colleagues on the same document in real time. That's just mind blowing. This fall we will also release Vectornator for Mac. I can't tell you how excited we are as a team to change the way design tools work. - Vladimir
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Vectornator X is live now! I'm personally very excited about that game-changing graphic design tool — especially that I know how hard the team had worked to make it happen. Passing on the baton to the Vectornator crew who are going to tell more about all the new features and updates ✨
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Nice update! Excited to give it a spin. Question for Vladimir - when is the Mac app supposed to go live? Will it have the same features as the current app on iPad?
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@carol_hart It will launch with Mac OS Catalina either end of September or in October. The features will be the same as in our iPad version.
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Thanks to vectornator ... I can design anywhere at anytime I want
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Amazing update! The auto-trace feature in particular seems amazing. No other tool that I know does it. Looking forward testing this in my design workflow!
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