Plant subscription that builds your confidence in plant care

#5 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2019
Horti is a plant subscription service for people who want to create and care for indoor gardens. Each month we send our customers hardy plants along with tools & manageable care instructions to keep their plants healthy & build their confidence in plant care.
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We created Horti to address the problem of people buying plants for their aesthetic value, without any knowledge or guidance in how to care for them. Those plants would inevitably die, along with their owner’s confidence in planting. Our selection of plants is curated to withstand the learning curve of novice indoor gardeners.
Long time subscriber that love Horti! This team pays attention to detail. Can’t wait to see what they add next.
@kareemamin Thank you Kareem! We are learning from our subscribers, and super appreciate all the support
Good luck! I'm so tired of people saying "I kill all my plants" and they keep buying new ones.
@tinymusiclama thank you Kat. I totally relate to that statement, and we are trying to change the “throw-away” culture associated with plants.
Love the idea!
Cool service and very affordable! I see that the terracotta theme is built into the brand, but would love to see that lucid pot available on all plants for the minimalists among us 😁
@justinljacks Nice and thank you! Yeah you can buy the lucid plant on it's own for a little DIY planting action. With subscriptions it's been very important to us to not up-sell folks using pots/ceramics--that's why we kept things simple and focused on the actual plants.