This guide is packed with knowledge on how to build a culture in the hyper-connected, global, remote, Slack generation. Based on advices from team members of well established remote companies like Dribbble, GitHub, InVision and Automattic.
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👋 Ahoy Product Hunters! I strongly believe that setting up a healthy company culture is the key to growing a stable, happy, and well-balanced team. With more and more companies taking on remote workers, often based in different parts of the world across time zones and cultures. The way team members work together, communicate, and build relationships has evolved, and so should the way we approach building company culture. This short guide is my answer to it. Inside, you’ll see how some of the top remote companies deal with the joy and the struggle of building a remote culture. I can’t wait to hear what you think!
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Thanks for sharing this Tomas! It’s a very interesting topic and seeing how those big remote companies are handling it is pretty valuable info that you can’t find anywhere else that easily.
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@earlctate Thanks man! Honestly I think setting up a healthy remote company culture is pretty simple if you just know how. Nothing needs to be perfect at the beginning, just leading it with right guidelines first will do the trick.
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@earlctate @hellodusko Yeah my own experience was that it was pretty relaxed, and other than people from some cultures saying sir a lot and being very formal with the boss, there were no big differences. Good to have a guide to look at though, in case something does pop up.
Love the illustrations, can’t wait to dig into reading it.
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@michaelmkirk heh thanks Michael, hope you'll like the book same as illustrations. Cover image is done by an amazing illustrator Barbora Idesova:
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What is the most interesting insight you've learned about remote company culture while interviewing these companies?
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@faborio Hey Peter, the fact that they all care so much about building a strong and healthy company culture and are willing to share those internal insights as an example for others is incredible. One funny moment, where the whole team at Dribbble used Bonusly rewards to get one of their co-founders to get a custom looking Muppet and perform the whole all-hands call as that Muppet.
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Thank you for publishing it. I have read it in one breath. I found many Slack recommendations super useful. Tomas, what do you think about filtering/deleting inappropriate Slack communication? There were few cases that companies had problems with the content shared in the private Slack channels.
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@vladojsem That's all I was hoping for, to see someone getting through it in one breath while finding at least something useful in it :) Thanks Filtering/deleting inappropriate communication is a hard topic. Ideal scenario is that you have guidelines to prevent all of that from happening. The worst case is deleting it intentionally without a public explanation, that's just toxic. I have a very strong opinion about private channels and the fact they should be used just for limited usecases where it does really make sense. A lot of companies don't allow you to create random private channels, just the curated ones for specific cases. And I think it's one of the "restrictions" that does make sense to do to prevent those toxic situations and helps building the culture in the rght direction.
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