The Drift

Flexible memberships for modern furniture.

The Drift offers flexible membership plans for modern furniture redesigned around quality, convenience and sustainability. We believe in the idea of delivering effortless living.
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Totally agree on making the pricing model simple for the customer. Other costs like drop off fees, change fees and pick up fees make it a little scary. I recently moved apartments and considered subscription furniture but ended up with IKEA, but probably because these items (wardrobes) were just so cheap and not feature items like dining tables, sofas etc . I think subscription with the ability to buy it at the end is key and making the monthly costs lower and the contract longer is a good hook for the customer and looks less daunting. I’m working on a B2B e-commerce store for offices at the moment ( Will be launching soon on here and would love your feedback.
Prior to launching The Drift, we launched our own direct-to-consumer furniture brand called Slash/Bed which has now been featured on sites like Dwell, Apartment Therapy, designboon, Uncrate, and Yanko Design. From day one it's been our focus to rethink every aspect of furniture for the modern lifestyle. We faced the challenge of finding products that met our standards of quality, convenience, and sustainability early on, which is why we decided to create our own to set the standard for the kind of products we wanted to deliver in your collections. Thankfully, we received a ton of positive feedback to validate the design process, assembly and quality of materials. This gave us the confidence to go beyond just one iconic product and in staying true to our mission: making comfort accessible for all. The Drift is how we've decided to move forward and the Slash/Bed will be the first of many products within our curated collections available through our annual membership plans. We want to hear from you. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas, want to work with us, or simply want to chat or apply to become a member at
Looks amazing! Can't wait to see more :)
@fiorella_wever appreciate that!