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August 13th, 2019

NEW (and fashion-forward) from Snap

Snap’s latest hardware is here and it is...chic. 💅

Yesterday, Snap took the hood off the third version of Spectacles with an update — and more fashion-forward — design.

What’s new: The new hardware features two cameras that can create 3D effects in videos and will run you $380 per pair. For context, last year’s Spectacles cost $150. Snap is also marketing the glasses as a “limited release,” perhaps from having to write down $40 million in unsold inventory from the first version of Spectacles or perhaps from wanting to be like Supreme. 😎

While Snap is known — and remains unique — as the social network for disappearing images, videos recorded on Spectacles will live in an “archive” of memories, which may or may not also be the plot of a Black Mirror episode. Sci-fi turned real product or not, there have been mixed reactions to the new Spectacles (with most gripes around the price tag):

“They do look great, targeting the luxury wearables market is similar to Apple. Interesting Snap keeps innovating in this space. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a breakout use case for an expensive HD face camera eventually.” - Maxim

“Honestly, looks beautiful. I am not sure that I could afford buying this thing but I would definitely love to try it out.” - Hanna

Viral video maker Karen X. Cheng, who made some of the shots for the Spectacles launch video, also jumped into the comments.

“Can confirm 100% it's working hardware. Super impressed by the form factor, as it's really quite flattering on a wide range of face shapes, and most of all stoked that they fit really well on Asian faces (which few glasses or sunglasses do).”

Would you buy a pair of these? Vote here.

Check out Spectacles v3

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Listen here. 👈

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