A camera-less home security device

An all-in-one smart home alarm designed to blend in to your home, easy-to-install, packed full of sensors, and can instantly alert you to threats in your home.
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Although I bought it via crowdsourcing campaign, with focus on smoke detection, later they dropped official support as smoke detector from everywhere, which is a kind a bummer when that was key selling point for me. But I still have to say I'm ultra happy with product that I have. :) I totally recommend device to everyone looking for features that are implemented, and I can say they work great. The app shows everything, and you can scrub back in time to see past readings. I really like sound sensor which shows me if I'm playing loud music and etc. And recently I figured out I can see if someone ringed the bell on the door as it shows a pattern in spike. Then humidity and pressure data is really great, especially in winter time so I know when and for how long to keep windows open and etc. There are also other sensors and features that I don't use or look too much at. Also updates are seamless, and really as I user I'm not bothered by them in the way other smart home systems force me to do this and that every now and then. Charging is fast and reminder to charge the point is on time. The only feature that I'm awaiting is HomeKit support but the team wrote that it's coming soon so there is that. That being said I don't plan to throw away my device but I also don't plan to buy more of them. As lack of smoke sensors will force me to have two cups on the ceiling and somehow that's too much. But if they release a new device with certified smoke detection I would gladly buy more of them.
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I'm curious, why the choice to not include a standard camera? Are they too obvious to someone who knows what to look for?
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@james_stramer Hi James—for us it's about preserving privacy at home. Not everyone likes to feel that they're being watched at home.
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@nmattisson Minut looks real good! You deserved an upvote for sure :) Would you like to have an interview about Minut published at StartupRadius? We can distribute it to more than 80K members. Give me a shout!
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This is really cool! Congrats on the recent investment @nmattisson
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@aaronoleary Thank you Aaron. 😊 Happy to answer and questions!
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I have two Minuts, one in my hallway and one in my bedroom. I love that I can feel safe when traveling and it’s very convenient to be able to check the indoor temperature from wherever I am. The Google Assistant integration is great!